Wedding Venue is Utah that allows alcohol

My fiance and I fell in love with Wadley Farms but they dont allow alcohol. I love the idea of getting amrried in a nice barn like that.


Does anyone know any beautiful locations in Utah similar to Wadley Farms that do allow alcohol?

Re: Wedding Venue is Utah that allows alcohol

  • I have found a lot of places, 
    Memorial House 
    Wheeler Farm
    The aquarium 
    Stone gate
    Pier Point 
    White Willow Weddings
    The Castle
    Log Haven Restaurant 
    Sleepy Ridge 
    Sundance Resort
    Tuscany Gardens
    Atrium in sandy 
    Ivy House
    Magnolia Grove
    Just to name a few lol but most require you to have some sort of food at the wedding and the liqueur laws are weird so you have to discuss if they will be providing the alcohol or if you will be, and if you are providing it they can only give it back to you if it has been unopened. 

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