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Would you rather... A seating chart question

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So we have gotten enough RSVPs that I am starting to work on seating for our reception. Guests will be seated at round tables that can hold up to 10 people, but DOC recommends that we go with 8 per table so there is a little more room. As I look at my responses, some groups that we would naturally seat together have 9 or 10 people in them. I'm trying to decide whether I should seat them all together 10 to a table, or split them up into tables of 8 with people they don't know so well but have things in common with (no budget concerns with more tables).

So I turn to you, fellow Knotties. Would you rather sit at a slightly more packed table with 9 of your friends or sit at a less packed table with people you don't know as well?

Would you rather... A seating chart question 15 votes

Pack me into the 10 top. I want to spend as much time with all my friends as possible.
60% 9 votes
Put me at an 8 top near my other friends. I can chat with anyone through dinner and then hang out with all my friends as the dancing starts.
40% 6 votes

Re: Would you rather... A seating chart question

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    Do you have the option of doing banquet sized tables? They are the rectangular shaped ones. My venue has banquet and round, so I am having a mix. They put 2 banquets together and it makes a square that seats 10 comfortably and even 12 if you want. 

    I am running into the same thing - putting everyone at a large table or splitting them. So I have opted to go with a couple square tables. I realize that may not be an option at every venue but definitely worth a check!
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  • I'd rather sit with friends and be packed at a table.


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    I would split them so that everyone still knows at at least one other person/couple at the table -keeping the number at 7-9 per. As a guest, I love meeting new people, but love being with familiars too.
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  • I myself had the same issue. I actually went to the venue a few times to try free dinners they'd offer and 10 to each of their 5 foot round tables was WAY too crowded so I am sticking with 8 at each table. My seating arrangement is only through dinner so I figure they can live with it. :)
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