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Boutonnieres - Yay or Nay?

What are your opinions on having boutonnieres for the groomsmen/male family members?   We're debating on having them simply because although it'd be nice - by cutting them out, we cut our flower budget by $250 - which would be amazing!  

So did you/will you have boutonnieres for your wedding?  Have you ever noticed someone not having them and thought anything about it?   Will it be ok to not have boutonnieres yet still have bouquets?

Re: Boutonnieres - Yay or Nay?

  • We're not doing boutonnieres. I honestly have never noticed their absence. I personally think it's a waste of money. 
  • We're doing bouts but that's only because FI is the only one that will have one. We're keeping our floral budget pretty low and decided against corsages/bouts for any of the family members and we have no wedding party. I was going to skip it all together for even FI but it's one of the few things he really wants and it's only costing us $12. Now, if our budget could be cut by $250 if we didn't do bouts, you bet I'd be cutting them. I doubt anyone will really notice if the guys don't have bouts and the girls have bouquets.
  • mysticlmysticl member
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    My husband and his best man wore their dress blues so they were not permitted to wear boutonnieres.  Because of that we did not get them for the ring bearer or the male family members.  If anyone noticed or thought anything of it they didn't let us know. We still had bouquets for the female bridal party members and corsages for the moms and grand mom

    That's the official story if anyone asks.  Personally, I don't like boutonnieres though it would have been up to DH if he wanted one (which I highly doubt due to his allergies) but the uniforms made it a non-issue and a simple explanation if anyone questioned us.  

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  • blabla89blabla89 member
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    We'll be doing our own, because our floral budget is tiny. They will be super simple, 1-2 tulips and maybe some baby's breath, tied with a ribbon, which would come out to <$3 each.

    ETA: To answer your question, yes, it's totally okay to not have bouts. We kind of feel obligated to have them so that the immediate family members who aren't in the wedding party won't feel so left out (at least that's what FI says...)
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  • We had them for our wedding and they were worn by the Groomsmen, fathers, grandfathers, godfathers, and ushers.  (OK - I didn't realize how many we had....)  However, I feel like they are not required if you don't want to pay for them.  I don't think anyone will really notice.
  • We are skipping them. I was actually ok paying for them but FI said he thinks they are stupid and didn't want them so I happily obliged! Also, not doing any flowers for parents. Literally 3 bouquets and we're done.



  • We did pocket squares for our men instead of boutonnieres. Honestly, I don't think I'd notice/think twice about it if the men didn't have flowers or squares.
  • KPBM89KPBM89 member
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    I think it's a small detail that will likely go unnoticed if you skip them.

    I made all of our flowers and the bouts probably cost me $7 total for the 6 GM, both dads and my FI's.

  • We did them for DH, the 2 GM, FOB and FOG. DH's was about $20 and the rest were $12.
    You can definitely skip them if you want. Or maybe try DIY if you want them to be cheaper.

  • ElcaBElcaB member
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    I like simple boutonnieres on men. Would you be up for making them yourself? I'm fairly certain they're pretty easy to DIY. 
  • I'm either going to try to make them myself (I'm doing the other flowers) or just foregoing them and getting one for FI only.

  • SenecafSenecaf member
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    I'm DIYing simple begonia bouts. If my flowers grow. If not we'll skip them. They really are not necessary and no one will miss them
  • I like them, but didn't want to spend a bunch of money on them, so I made my own out of faux flowers. Since most people don't pay that much attention to them, I didn't care about having real flowers, plus it's one more thing checked off the list way ahead of time. They came out to like $3 each.

  • doeydodoeydo member
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    We're doing them.  I was quoted $6.95 for each of the groomsmen's boutonnieres and $13.95 for the groom's (it will be a bit bigger/more fancy).  I don't think we're going to give boutonnieres to people in our family that aren't part of the wedding party.
  • You could get them from your local grocery store floral dept to save money if you want them. They likely make them frequently for prom and if you go with a standard flower and color you should be able to get them cheap and easy peasy. IF you want them. They aren't necessary tho :)
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  • We're doing them but on the cheap. The groom and groomsman are wearing tuxes but my dad doesn't want to. We're doing bouts so my dad will look like part of the wedding party. It's my mom's idea but I'm ok with it- but I told her that they'll be very simple!
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  • If we do them, I will just be putting them together the night before myself because fuck paying hundreds of dollars for like 8 individual flowers, a little bit of greens, a pin, some tape and a little ribbon.  Just fuck that.

    The WIC really needs to DIAF.

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  • I made mine with felt flowers and it was super easy and fun. One of the things where DIY is worth it IMO. Also fine to skip.
  • We ordered them for the groomsmen, FI, ring bearer and our fathers, they weren't that expensive.  I'm getting a bouquet and the BM are getting flowers so why not for the guys.


  • I don't like flowers, so I can skip them. I'll leave that decision up to FI, but from the initial conversation we had about them, he has no desire in wearing one. 


  • We're doing them. They'll only cost $6 each so it's not a bank breaker, and I think they'll look really nice.
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  • I think we've decided on foregoing the boutonnieres.   I don't think I've ever noticed or not noticed them at someone else's wedding.  Plus, as FI put it, 'if it gives us an extra $250 cushion - goodbye man flowers!' Lol.
  • We are skipping the bouts, too. Our guys will be wearing pocket squares instead. Keep in mind that this is coming for the person who is only having flowers in the form of bouquets at her wedding.
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  • phiraphira member
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    Heh, man flowers.

    I think you're making a good decision. I think $250 is more than our whole flower budget (we're making paper flowers for everything). They're entirely unnecessary, even if they are often a nice touch.
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  • It's totally okay to skip them. We're doing them because I'm doing all our "florals".

  • lc07lc07 member
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    We did them. I felt like it was a way to honor our immediate family members and my grandmother who were not in the wedding party. I would have felt like I was slighting them if I did not give them to them. I would not judge anyone else for not giving them to their family, however.
  • I like them. I have never been to a wedding that didn't have them, so I wouldn't judge it, but I would notice. 
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  • I like them, and I'd like Fi to wear one. No WP and we probably won't get them for our dads.
  • We won't have them. We actually aren't going to have any flowers except for the ones growing in the garden.
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