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4-5 Month Progress Report

We are all past the 150 days mark. Where are you ladies with planning? What do you have coming up this month?

This month we have:
- Cake tasting and designing
- Redoing what the groomsmen will be wearing. We're having second thoughts and we just want to double check. 
- Getting our rings engraved. We're getting : 10-5-14 Team BJ
- All of our invitation stuff came in, so sorting all of that and nailing down permanent addresses. (most of our friends are in apartments)
- Place another large $$ sum on our venue
- Meet with our florist again. 
- Meeting our Sign Language Interpreter. Some of our guests are deaf and we want them to be able to enjoy the ceremony and speeches  
- Booking a hotel by JFK for the night before our honeymoon flight. 

The upcoming months:
- Addressing invites & sending out invites
- Creating our ceremony with his grandmother who is marrying us
- DIYing programs
- Final meetings with all our vendors. 
- Bridal shower that my mom & FMIL are hosting and writing those thank yous. 
- Figuring out my makeup
- Dress fittings. 

Im sure there is a million things I forgot. 

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    labrolabro member
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    I'm starting to feel a little stressed out now! We've been basically cruising for the last couple of months with nothing to do and now all of these big things are finally coming up!

    - We went bridesmaids dress shopping and picked a dress. Now everyone needs to order asap!

    - Need to select groom and groomsmen attire.

    - I have a meeting with my florist this week to discuss centerpieces and make sure we have a defined quote set up.

    - Start addressing invitations a few at a time.

    - Book our honeymoon

    - Book transporation for after the wedding.

    - Book a hotel for the wedding night.

    - Design menus, programs, and escort cards.

    - Finish my DIY projects - wreath, flower girl basket, ring bearer box

    - Order favors in August.

    - Put together welcome bags.

    - Finalize RD numbers, rentals, and entertainment.

    - Complete pre-marital counseling

    - Apply for a marriage license in September or early October.

    I'm sure there's more stuff but it's not really on my radar today.

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    We just ordered our invitations I'm so excited! My fiance is going out of town for the month, so I'm going to try to get a lot done

    -Finish DIYing escort cards (I'm doing library book check out cards because I'm a librarian). This is our only big DIY project.
    -Order crafts and gifts for our kids table at the wedding (play-doh, coloring books, glow sticks)
    -Order the sash for my dress
    -Order supplies for our welcome bags (gable boxes, ribbon, thank you tags)
    -Order supplies for our favors
    -Put together a master vendor contact list
    -Possibly put together a day of inventory and contact list

    Next month:

    -Start addressing our invitations slowly
    -Start shopping for my wedding ring (he's using an heirloom)
    -Buy undergarments for my dress before my fitting in August
    -Pick out shoes before my fitting in August

    It's all coming together! This month we finished up our tasting/finalized menu, ordered custom cocktail napkins (thanks to TheKnot's great memorial day sale), and the invites. We've also been doing pre-marital counseling but that will go through September probably as it is multiple sessions.
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    We need to choose FI suit and ring (choosing his ring tonight), choosing my undergarments for my dress, seating chart in October, hair and make up trials, sort marriage licence in October. Decide ceremony music and music for Dj and order vegan cupcakes for the reception.

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    sarawifenowsarawifenow member
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    I am happy to say that all of our big stuff is done! I just have some smaller projects and details to sory out.

    1.) Invitation assembly and addressing. I hope to have them all assembled by the end of July and then I can address them and drop them in the mail in August.

    2.) Finalize centerpieces

    3.) Get booze!

    4.) DIY card box

    5.) Seating chart when that time comes.

    6.) Deciding what we want to do with thank you notes.


    ETA: I still need to do my fittings and pick out my veil.

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    Fiance still needs to pick out his suit, and decide what groomsmen are wearing.
    Meeting with invitation person to get them printed on Saturday
    First florist meeting next Monday
    Pick up my dress from alterations on Monday
    We still need to decide on all of our songs
    Still need to ask our ushers (we decided to have some, originally we weren't going to have them)
    Order desserts (we're thinking pie instead of cake)
    Hire a private bartender

    On a totally random note - we are getting married out in the middle of nowhere and our hotel room block is in a nearby small town.  I just found out today that this small town is hosting a huge marching band festival the day of our wedding, so aside from the 10 rooms in our block, almost all other hotel rooms are booked for the weekend - let's hope we don't have too many people needing a hotel!  On the plus side, the marching band parade will go by the salon where we are having our hair and makeup done, so maybe I'll get to walk out in a parade on my wedding day.
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    I have never made so many lists in all my life! 

    We still need to:
    -Meet with our officiate and start counseling (Extended family member) 
    -Waiting to receive invitations, then send envelopes to calligrapher, and then send them out!
    -FI and groomsmen still need to do tux's 
    -Waiting for bridesmaid's dresses to come in
    -My dress in supposed to arrive this month, so fittings of course!
    -Cake appointment in July
    -Meet again with DJ, photographer, and florist (Choose all music!) 
    -Register! (Yes, we still haven't done that!) 
    -Send in all my info and photos needed for our custom cake topper
    -Seating chart (I wish I could just do this now!) 
    -Purchase candy buffet candy and scoops, and decorate/label apothecary jars
    -And a couple more DIY projects. 
    -Whiten teeth, do hair treatments,loose 10 pounds (stupid stuff like that)
    -Marriage license 

    It's amazing how much I have already done, and how much there is still left to do! 
    Remember what our to-do lists used to look like!?!

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    Ugh where did the last few months go - 4 months to go and I'm calm, but won't be once school lets out! So where am I? To do in June: Invitations - order, finalize addresses, and get them addressed figure out ring bearers outfit find ties & socks for the guys order FI's ring - he is so darn picky! plan rehearsal dinner dress fittings trial runs of make up and hair July stat making my bouquet (brooches) cake tasting stuff start brainstorm a day off schedule order flower girls dress (try to hold off until August - maybe?) somewhere in there I'm sure I have thank you's to write, things to gather and organize, and people to calm down (not including myself!). After that all hell breaks loose because it's all the stuff I forgot to do!
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    smalfrie19smalfrie19 member
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    Its easier to list what we have left to do: Final vendor meetings (cake, caterer, dj, photogs) Get license and insurance and banquet license Buy alcohol Plan rehearsal dinner Buy my extensions Buy silk for table decor for cake and guestbook table Plan the ceremony Dress needs to be altered Tux needs to be rented Send invites Do seating chart, table numbers and favors
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    Things I have written down (I'm sure I'm missing a lot) and these are in NO order:

    --Boarding appointment for Dogs
    --Line up Hair and Makeup (the place I want is available but I have to read through their material and put a deposit down)
    -- Read over the guide the Officiant gave us and pick out what 'features' we want for our wedding.  This guide is like 200 pages long!
    --I have to do my Disney Questionnaire thing - it goes over our song lists, cake, floral and all the stuff that they include.
    --Look at Disney Fairy Tale Photographers and send my top 3 choices over to my planner
    --Bridesmaid dress
    --Groom's Clothing / Best Man clothing
    --"Welcome Bags" - need to finish these up
    --Set up steaming for wedding dress
    --Figure out my dessert party menu
    --Contact restaurant and see if they can give us menus without prices AND how much do they serve for cake cutting and so forth
    --Wait for my dress to come in and do fittings (is anybody else worried their dress won't make it in time??)
    --Finalize Cake decision
    --Get my wedding gift to my groom lined up
    --Figure out my wedding jewelry/accessories

    Things I need to talk to my planner about
    --How to order our knife/serving set
    --Day of Transportation
    --Pictures/photography where to add extra time

    A few days before we need to get our Favors ordered, I might see if I can do that before hand and pay over the phone or something just to be sure they will be ready in time.

    Eat Healthier and continue healthier skin routine <<this is a life long thing, but something I've put off until just recently>> also I'll probably whiten my teeth

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    On my to-do list: -set-up premarital counseling with our church -get a head start on addressing invitations -all the guys need to buy their suits -bridesmaid dress shopping this weekend! -fittings when my dress arrives in July -finalize details/make decor for our cookie bar -finalize music, must-have photos, and schedule florist "mock-up" of our centerpieces -finalize guest list and rehearsal dinner list -purchase a cake topper (maybe?) and serving set -buy undergarments and dress accessories -schedule hair/make-up trials -finish DIY projects (table numbers, card box, etc.) -book flights for honeymoon It still feels like there is so much to do!

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    This month we are:

    -trying to nail down a florist, been having trouble, but this next one we have an appointment with seems great.

    -trying to meet with the officiant, cancelled the first meeting TWICE, but FI really wants to go with him

    -addressing invites, double checking addresses on people who have moved

    -getting the guys their suits-FI has been laaagging on this, all he knows is he wants to buy a suit, and wants it gray

    -and we're amping up our workout/diet schedule before fittings later in the summer, going to leave undergarments until closer

    Still need to do closer to October: hair/makeup trials, send invites, finalize music and dances, finalize speeches, finalize food choices.

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    I've been MIA for a long time from the board! Wow! It's so nice to see other October brides!

    My list isn't all that long this month, but here we go:
    -Finish children's activity books for the ceremony/reception (to keep them happy and quiet! haha)
    -Print ceremony programs, fold, and store
    -Decide on ceremony and reception music; email our pastor for approval
    -Pin my guy on the tuxes.  I went to the store and fell in love with a beautiful suit, but we have to see if he agrees
    -Print all table number signs, guestbook sign, cookie table sign, bathroom basket sign, etc.
    -Meeting with my maids to organize the bridal shower, bachelorette party, etc
    -Order final table cloths for the reception
    -ORDER INVITATIONS (I can't find any I like. *sigh*)

    In the last three weeks, I have accomplished:
    -book transportation; ordered and received guestbook photo album; ordered bridesmaid dresses; purchased all candles for the ceremony (unity and decorative) and reception; built benches for outside of the reception venue; printed and mailed save-the-dates; booked hotel accommodations; started children activity books; scheduled make up and hair trials; figured out my "somethings;" ... *phew!!*

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