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what do i do with an 8 pound weight??

i'm awful at working out! but i have one eight pound dumbell..... so i've been using it every day to try to tone my arms by doing different curls etc....... want to tone my arms, shoulders, back, etc....

any suggestions?

thanks !

Re: what do i do with an 8 pound weight??

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    You just have one? 
     I would say overhead shoulder presses, 
    lunges with a half turn of your upper body

    I don't know what these are called but it works on the backs of your arms

    Also, doing any work out with extra body weight is good, you could do squats and hold the weight, or you could do lunges and do arm curls at the same time.  Working your upper and lower body at the same time gets your heart rate going more, and in turn, burns more calories.
  • You can do dumbbell squats and work your lower body, too:


    But if you're serious about working out I'd probably get another weight so you have a matched set.  You can do much more that way.
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  • You can do tricep curls by lifting it over your head and bending your arms to a 90 degree angle behind your head.
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