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Intimate Venues for TINY Wedding?

Hi everyone! New here, recently engaged on 5/31/14. We live in Poughkeepsie.

We are planning on a tiny little wedding, 10 people total - including the 2 of us. It's exactly what we want. No bridal party or groomsmen, no bridal shower (I dislike them), no bachelor/bachelorette parties (not our taste at all), no registry. Just us.

That being said, from what I have seen so far, a lot of the venues around the Hudson Valley that I can think of are better suited for larger events (like Mohonk Mountain House based on what I've seen on their website, Brotherhood Winery, etc.). And with such a small group, really all I'd like to do is have a tiny intimate ceremony outside (weather permitting - we want to get married in early October 2014), will move it inside if it looks like it's going to be too cold out. After the ceremony in the late afternoon with 8 of our closest family members, we'd have a tiny little cocktail hour with drinks and appetizers - this would have to be seated though. My FMIL has Parkinson's Disease and is in a wheelchair, so I wouldn't want to make her feel left out by having her sitting in her wheelchair somewhere while all of us are standing. Then, we'd like to have a quiet formal dinner with all of us sitting at one big table. If we had the wedding at a small B&B or something, I think it would be cool if we got rooms at the B&B for our family members to stay overnight and relax, and then we'd ideally take a car service that night and go away for the rest of the weekend. 

Has anyone in the area been to / had a tiny little wedding in the area? Could you suggest anywhere formal, ideally great outdoor scenery, but small enough to feel appropriate for this type of event? My fiance still thinks Mohonk would be cool - so we are going to inquire about small private rooms for our wedding, but I don't want to be sitting at a table in a giant room built to hold 300 people - know what I mean?

Thanks for your suggestions! I just looked at the calendar... tomorrow, this will be 4 months away if we went with the first weekend in October! I'm excited!! Hoping this small wedding will be as stress-free as possible. I can already see a lot of "yeah, no. have you tried this bean dip?" in our future as people start to inquire about our plans LOL.

Re: Intimate Venues for TINY Wedding?

  • Congratulations!  I've never been to a wedding like what you describe, but I imagine that any of the venues with on-site restaurants are what you would be looking for. 

    You'll probably narrow this list down depending on your personal style, but I would look into places like Castle on the Hudson, Inn at Pound Ridge, Bedford Post, Le Chateau, Crabtree Kittle House, Blue Hill at Stone Barns, maybe even Alder Manor?

    Good luck and have fun planning!
  • Oooo I've never heard of any of those, so I am going to add them all to our list to scope out now!! Thanks very much for your suggestions!
  • I've never been to this place but it looks very nice...

    It looks like they do weddings up to 100 guests but smaller events too.
    Good luck and congratulations!!
  • When I was looking at receptions sites I came across bank streets, stamford ct.  You can invite 10 guests or 100... don't matter. they have packages. so let's say if your package/budget is 7k, you can get dj there, food, lights, etc... 
    check them out.
  • There is a restaurant my fiancé and I like in Nyack called Velo. The place is small, but we were in for dinner one night and the manager told us that they had hosted a wedding there that afternoon. Their food is amazing. You should check them out.

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