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Wedding 911


mdlipmanmdlipman member
edited June 2014 in Wedding 911

Re: k

  • Stop taking her with you places. You're an adult. Go to the bulk candy store by yourself, buy favors, and be done with it. Don't give her pics of things like your dress/flowers if you can't handle her opinion. And set some boundaries. The guest list problem wouldn't have happened if you told her "our budget/venue/etc. has a limit of XXX people. Half of XXX is YYY. That means you and fiancé can come up with YYY people you'd like to invite. Please get together with FI, make your list of YYY, and send it to me by [date]" By taking her places when you know she's a problem/you don't like her opinion, and not offering up boundaries like the total number she can invite, you're contributing to the issues.
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