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Pagan Officiant

Does anyone know where to find pagan officiants for the state of Minnesota? I seem to be having trouble finding one that is not pagan/christian. Thanks!

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    Have you tried shaman Jaime Meyer? I think he went to a UU seminary, which can be Chrisitan, but I've attended his drum group and he doesn't include that in pagan rituals. I don't know if he does weddings, but he would be great and you should ask. I think most pagan-Christian combo officiants would be perfectly happy to leave their irrelevant beliefs out of your ceremony if you ask them. Your best bet for a pagan officiant is to have a friend, acquaintance or spiritual leader ordained online so they can perform the ceremony you prefer.

    This is Jaime's website:
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    To stagemanager14, I am looking for just pagan or  a secular officiant who will keep all religion out of the ceremony. We want a more pagan ceremony, but don't want to include everything that is traditional in it.
    To ki10, thanks. I will look into Jaime.
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    I did contact Jaime from ki10's post and he does do weddings. Just in case anyone else needs this info.
    Thanks again for the info!
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