Reception venues that allow outside catering/byo liquor

Hi everyone!  I just got engaged a few weeks ago, and although my fiance and I live in Chicago, we want to get married in Wisconsin cause that's where our family is.  Does anyone know of reception/ceremony venues that allow you to choose your own catering, and/or byo liquor?  We were hoping to stay within the Madison/Milwaukee/Kenosha area.  Thanks so much!

Re: Reception venues that allow outside catering/byo liquor

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    That's a rather large area. There are a lot of places in the Madison area that allow outside catering and alcohol.

    The Badger Barn
    Lussier Family Heritage center
    The Goodman Center(in fitchburg)
    The East Side Club-own caterer
    The Heights event center
    Madison Turners

    That's all that I can think of right now.
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    Have you looked into the county parks systems?  I was looking into some, a lot have pavillions for you to rent out and you can bring all of your own vendors in.  I really liked the South Shore Pavillion, but it was booked for the date I wanted.  I was also looking at the Lincoln Blatz Pavillion, but the maximum capacity was too small for me.  I am having my wedding at the Best Place at the Historic Pabst Brewery in Milwaukee.  They will let you bring in your own caterer, but they have their own bar.  There is no bar minimum though, and the prices are fair.  Good luck planning; I'm already getting overwhelmed!!
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    We shot a wedding at both the Lussier Center & The East Side Club.... Here is a sample of what they looked like:

    East Side Club is on our older blog (ceremony & reception) - http://5th-streetphoto.blogspot.com/2010/08/andy-jeana-wedding-sneak-peeks.html

    Both are fabulous locations and the cateriers at both places are great!
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