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fitness /workout discussion - so as not to thunderjack "things" post

moved it over here... 

I am tracking the fat/carb/protein breakdown (at least to the best ability of the tool). It also tracks sodium, but doesn't graph it, so I have to look at individual dates for the info. 

I haven't noticed any particular reactions to dairy or gluten. I have a greek yogurt almost every day, and don't have issues with wheat products.  

I've been trying to bump up the protein % and good fats, and reduce the bad carbs.

I wondered if I was eating enough or getting enough water, given the workouts. I'll try bumping the intake for a few days and see if that helps. 

Today I brought: 
Breakfast: Chocolate Shakeology made with 1c skim milk, 10 strawberries (fresh frozen by me, so no additives), water and ice. 
Lunch: 1/2 cup of green lentils mixed with 1/2 cup brown rice, liquid aminos and seaweed gomasio 
stir fried fresh veggies (cooked in a little coconut oil), no additional seasoning

Snacks: Snow peas and carrots, Blueberries, fat free greek yogurt

I also have some raw almonds, so could have these as a snack. 

Other than the almonds, this is a little light on fat, but seemed fairly balanced. 

Planned workout today is 45 minute yoga class and at most 15 minutes of cardio intervals or strength training (kettlebell or medicine ball.) (We're having a BINGO-themed competition and I'm trying to fill my card)

Re: fitness /workout discussion - so as not to thunderjack "things" post

  • Hm.  I guess at this point, you might look into a heart rate monitor and see if you're really getting your heart rate up high enough during cardio,

    Honestly, I didn't know about dairy until I cut it out and then started adding it back in.  You can use almond milk in your smoothies, so so tasty (I get the plain, the vanilla is too sweet).  
  • I'll have to try the almond milk - there's a recipe with the T25 for a chocolate almond shakeology that sounded good. 
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    My other concern (which you already mentioned) was the low fat numbers.  I find I do better with high fat ("good" fat) and protein, and adequate but fibrous carbohydrates, though if you're burning calories make sure to get your carbohydrates in there because otherwise you'll feel tired, sluggish and spacey.

    I'm no dietician or nutritionist and if you're ever really looking for answers, you'd be smart to book an appointment.  THOUGH, I'm not sure you're really at that point yet, so obviously take my adviSe with a pound of salt.
  • Ditto the almond milk. Coconut milk works too.

    How much water are you drinking around breakfast? Part of how smoothie powder theoretically makes you feel "fuller" is hydrating the fiber they shove into the powder

    What's for dinner? This is awfully spartan for most of the day.

    Also, the CTJ moment. Is this plan going to be your new normal? I know you like diet/exercise plans. But are they really working for you? IDK how much of this is "you aren't Shaun T, exercise some patience and stay the course" or this really isn't working, and I should have seen something by now.

    The best single thing I did was decided I had to recalibrate the new normal, whether it was perfectly "healthy" or not. Bad habits got me overweight, if i lost the weight, those bad habits would send me right back again. I had to reflect on what worked for me, how my body worked and take responsibility for my own actions. And calling myself out pretty savagely on my own bullshit.
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    I pretty much love all of what Dharma is saying.
  • @Dharmabunny - the shakes end up being about 40-48oz when I'm done adding the strawberries/milk/water/ice - so it's not just a scoop of protein powder in a cup or two of water. 

    I've been doing this since Easter, so a bit shy of 2 months. I signed up for a 6 month dietbet to keep myself accountable longer term, and I'm planning to sign up for another 6 month DB in August to help keep up the accountability. (So I'd have about 2 months of overlap. The targets for the first few months are higher than the last months, so it's also pushing myself to maintain a greater % loss each month. As long as this continues to be a motivator, I'll continue to do this until I get to my target size/range.I'm shooting for a year to 18 months from now.) After that will be a question of maintaining - and I'll figure that out when it comes time - but as long as I stay balanced between exercise and eating healthy, I think I can do it. 

    In all, I've lost about 15lbs, and 1.5% body fat since Easter, which is pretty damn good for ~7 weeks. My clothes fit better, and I feel better. I'm just a little frustrated today since I've hit a plateau, in the last 7-10 days and despite the hard work, I'm not seeing a reflection on the scale. It's a question of staying the course, and understanding if i need to mix things up. (Like Oface suggested - increasing (good) calories a bit to bump the metabolism for a few days. If I'm burning an average of 2700/day and only eating 1500, my body could be going into "starvation mode" and trying to retain the fat. I'm guessing there's a fine balance there, and I may be overly aggressive in my goal.)

  • quick update - managed to get over slight plateau. I think O-face was right, and I just wasn't eating enough given calories burned. bumped up calories for a few days, and weight started to come off. again.

    it's a little hard with travelling this week- trying to get healthier options when eating in restaurants, and finding time to work out, but I think I've been balancing it well. Got my all time top # of steps yesterday, so yay for that!
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    I'm glad to hear that Barbie.  If anything just seeing something do what you want, makes your mental game that much clearer.  That crap can just ruin your day/week/month, even though you *KNOW* it shouldn't.
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