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Ok ladies, we've got 4 more months until our big day! Just checking in to see where everyone is in the planning process... So far here's what I've gotten done: •Dress, shoes, & veil paid in full •Ceremony, Reception, & Rehearsal date and time set •Officiant booked (owner of where the ceremony & reception will be) •Chosen our menu •DJ booked - deposit made •Registered •BMs dresses ordered (all execpt one girl) •Purchased bands (just need to get them resized) •Photographer booked (future brother in law) •Photobooth booked - deposit made •Blocked hotel rooms •Invitations ordered •Wedding website completed •Cake ordered - deposit made •Reserved mens tux •Decided on style and color of bouqeuts (made out of coffee filters) •Purchased ring bearer pillow, flower girl basket, broom (we're jumping the broom) •Purchased wine glasses, cake cutter & server, silk flowers (in red and teal for tossing and lining aisle) •Purchased aisle runner, table numbers •Purchased bling for the tables •Booked makeup artist Still left to do: •Finalize honeymoon plans - GOING TO NIAGARA FALLS BABY!!!! •Purchase wine box for love letter & wine box ceremony •Choose ceremony reading •Choose ceremony reader •Choose reception music •Purchase jewelry (for myself and my 2 junior bridesmaids) •Purchase undergarments for dress •Purchase floral hair pins •Purchase a handle bell •Locate a facility to do manicure & pedicure •Decide on wedding cake tier flavors •Decide on hair stylist •Hair trial •Seating chart •Night of hotel suite •Pick up card box •Finalize addresses •Apply for license

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    Today is my one month of being engaged!  I think I have caught up to a lot of you...

    - venue, officiant, photographer, florist booked

    - dress, shoes, earrings, hair accessory purchased

    - my wedding band purchased

    - card box purchased

    - invitations just ordered

    - cake tasting scheduled for early July

    - pretty much decided on a honeymoon in Boston (still need to book flight/hotel)

    I'm not having a wedding party or DJ so those things are not on my to-do list.

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    @Pepperally - eek! You've been engaged for a month! That's crazy!  Congratulations first of all and best of luck with the whirlwind planning!  That's awesome.

    -vows written
    -GM suits being ordered this week
    -all but 1 BM dress done (no idea what this one girl is doing, but I'm not worried about it - if she gets it done great.  If she doesn't, she's an adult and can deal with her choices)
    -processional and recessional music decided

    The big thing we are waiting on now is our building permit for our new man garage...16'x26', heated, hydro, and a hydraulic lift (insert man grunt).  Both that and the backyard landscaping need to be done before the wedding so we're anxiously waiting for the excavating to start - hopefully this weekend!
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    Might be easier for me to say whats left to do...:)

    - grooms suit and tie

    - dress alterations

    - get licence

    - get flowergirl dress

    - have hair and makeup trial (Booked)

    - choose playlist

    - get candy for candy buffet

    - cake cutter and server

    - seating chart

    - choose flowers for wrist corsages and buttonholes

    - Small welcome bags for OOT guests


    That's all I can think of for now...

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    Yes, it's all happening now!

    I still have to:

    - Finalize cake order (we just did tasting)
    - Get grooms suit
    - get books for bridesmaids (we are using books instead of flowers)
    - favors
    - finalize catering
    - book rehearsal dinner
    - order and send invites
    - figure out hair and make-up
    - dress alterations
    - write vows

    I'm sure I'm forgetting stuff.  Is anyone else using The Knot checklist and finding so many 'past due' items that you know won't happen anytime soon?
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    @Lauramae980 - yeah, I think the Knot checklist is helpful as a guide but you don't really need to do everything in the order/timeline they offer.  I say as long as you get it done before the wedding and you get what you want (meaning you don't put it of until you have little choice for vendors, etc.) then you're good.

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    First day of summer vacation meant I was unusually productive! Proofed and ordered invitations! Set up meeting for cake tastings. Set up meeting with church musicians. Called in food and linen choices as well as made final appointments with venue. GMs tuxes picked out, order in August. Bought ties for the GMs (this has been the most ridiculously stressful part I kid you not!, who knew so many people had an opinion!). Picked out RBs attire. Cake topper and guest picture (instead of book) picked out. Let's see what I can get done today! ETA: punctuation because typing on a iPad doesn't let you make different lines and deleted multiple sentences.
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    Just registered for the first time Friday night at Macy's.  The lady was very helpful and would pop in to check in on us to see if we had any questions.  FI ended up losing his mind after a bit.  We didn't even register for that much since it was late in the evening, but the music they had playing throughout the home department was HORRIBLE and LOUD!  It drove him over the edge!  So we will do the rest online. 
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    Were getting married on 10/3/14! So far we have:

    -Registered at Bed Bath and Target
    -My dress, shoes and veil purchased
    -Venue and officiant selected, unity candle ordered
    -DJ booked
    -Photo Booth booked
    -Photographer booked
    -Florist booked
    -Just finalized linen colors and centerpieces
    -Cake ordered
    -Invites Ordered
    -Favors purchased
    -Hair and make up booked
    -Cake cutter

    Still need to:
    -Aisle runner
    -Welcome bags
    -Timeline and finalize song selections
    -Get license
    -Wedding bands
    -Finalize honeymoon date---Disney World!! Bride and Groom ears have been purchased : D
    -Finalize rehearsal dinner choice/book

    Whew and this just made me realize how much more we still have left to do...YIKES!
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    I still feel I have A LOT to do.

    We need to:
    - Go through our wedding questionnaire
    - Finalize our wedding songs
    - Get a bridesmaid dress
    - Get the groom and best man their suits
    - Decide on our cake flavors
    - Finish welcome bags
    - Finalize hair/makeup
    - Line up dress steaming (and suits if necessary)
    - Marriage License
    - Go through the officiants wedding booklet and choose what we would like in our ceremony
    - Get all transportation squared away
    - Contact restaurant and see if we can get a menu without prices
    - Create our dessert party menu

    And of course
    - Continue our savings plan so we don't break the bank.

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    I did a lot this week so hopefully it will be helpful if I list out the remaining things!

    Address, stuff, and mail invitations

    Make up accommodation card inserts

    Finalize and print menus, programs, escort cards and table numbers (purchased a printable file from Etsy)

    Dress alterations (dress arrives in July)

    Finalize floral

    Pay remaining balance due for dj, photographer, getaway car

    Finish flower girl basket and ring bearer box

    Make wedding wreath for front door of our venue

    Submit final numbers to caterer

    Finalize rehearsal dinner plans and start buying alcohol

    Purchase favors for our stock the bar couples shower

    Get FI's ring engraved

    Finish buying bridesmaids gifts

    Buy gifts for flower girl and ring bearer

    Make parents gifts

    Buy more thank you cards

    Find dresses for rehearsal dinner and bridal shower in August

    Put together welcome bags

    Finish repainting the interior of our house

    Get carpets cleaned

    Buy toasting glasses if none given at the shower

    Help mom, future mil, flower girl and ring bearer did wedding day outfits

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