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Adding Rhinestones to a Veil

babs0726babs0726 member
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edited June 2014 in Attire and Accessories
Has anybody added rhinestones to a veil at home? I'm not extremely crafty, but I'm confident I can do it. Any tips for smooth sailing?? Thanks in advance! :)

Re: Adding Rhinestones to a Veil

  • I did it, but I also had some extra tulle to play with.

    I actually ended up doing a combo of things to make mine ultimately work.

    I bought a rosette-style ribbon which my mom sewed to the edge of my veil (using 'invisible thread') which I then used as a base to heat-set crystals and faux pearls.

    I -do- think it would have been possible to just directly heat-set the crystals, but you would need to place your veil over some sort of fabric that the glue on the back of the crystal wouldn't stick to.  Which is why I compromised and used the ribbon.
  • I bought a veil online through here: CLICK because I'm NOT a sewer. Crafty yes, sewing, nope.

    I then bought 144 size SS20 (~4mm) Swarovski crystals from here: CLICK

    I went to Michael's and bought this: CLICK I was originally going to buy E6000 but I think that would have been too messy to use with a veil. I also bought wax-tipped jeweler's pick (in the jewelry section of Michael's) to help pick up the crystals.

    Make sure you have a flat surface to work on, and if you're messy with the glue, it's okay because it dries clear. It's a lot of trial and error, but even what I thought were my biggest "whoops" on my veil, I don't even notice now.

    Here's a picture of the veil. I still have a few more crystals to add on, but it looks just like the veil I wanted at the bridal salon that was $250 but for way less.

    Also make sure to glue crystals on both sides of the veil. The back of the crystal is just plain silver, so I made a sandwich of crystal, veil, crystal. That way no matter how the veil is moving, there is sparkle. If you need more pictures, let me know.


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  • vh2014vh2014 member
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    I bought one on etsy with the crystals already on it but wanted more.  I did an edging of crystals by buying "bling" from AC Moore in a 2 crystal high, sewed it to the edge and folded it over. (actual crystals were 10-20 a yard, this was $3 for 5 yards and actually matched better) Lots of work (veil is cathedral length) but I am happy with it.  For extra crystals I am using some sticker backing and behind where I glue them on... waiting to do that until I am done with the edging first.   
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