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Calling all Teachers!!

I am a college graduate with my certification, and I am hoping to have a teaching job by August 2015. I've been subbing and I am saving up money for a vehicle as well as other certifications. My question concerns planning. Was it a struggle to plan your wedding during the school year while you were planning for your students? How did you juggle it? And how many of you know how long it takes a name change to be processed through a school district? Thank you!

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    Yes.  The year I got married I was a team leader for my subject, a curriculum writer, and science fair sponsor.  I hired a full-service coordinator because I a) didn't really have a vision and b) wanted to be able to get some sleep from time to time.  It was soooooooo worth it, just because my coordinator could arrange contracts and vendor meetings and whatnot and just tell me when to show up.

    I also had the benefit of having been at it for a while, so to speak, so my lesson plans were already pretty well developed, even with the changes to curriculum that happen each year (and the changes you have to make for your students).  I really worked to make sure my kids were self-sufficient enough to "survive" without me.  I'd had a sub who was certified in my subject lined up, but he had to take a better job at the last minute.  So I found a sub who I loved, but who didn't know my material, so my kids were pretty much on their own.  That was probably the hardest part, but I planned out my calendar so that the unit they worked on while I was gone was really, really student-driven.  They took a quiz the day I got back and all did really well on it.  I'd be happy to give you more info if you'd like!

    As far as the name change, I think it depends on the district.  I know that mine was INCREDIBLY strict about your name on your driver's license matching the name they had on file.  My husband ended up getting transferred to Oklahoma shortly after our wedding, so I never bothered to change my name with the district.  

    Edit: I'm also not the most organized person in the world, so I just really didn't want that extra stress.  I know plenty of teachers who planned a wedding during the school year with no trouble at all.



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