Tight Budget of $5000 total...help

My fiancé and I are having a southern style wedding on a Thursday afternoon on June 4th, 2015. We have our colors and wedding party picked. We are planning on having about 100 people or less at both the ceremony and the reception. $5000 is our total budget to spend. Any help will do.

Re: Tight Budget of $5000 total...help

  • Check out the Eagan Community Center...Full Day Thursday rental for the whole Oaks room (3 sections) is $850....They have 3 caterers to choose from and the budget option is about $15 pp for a buffet....you could maybe find some more inexpensive options for appetizers or a lunch...Just an option...Otherwise check with other community centers, VFWs, even parks!
  • try Klub Haus it is in St.Paul. im going through them. they are a budget friendly place. it is $1695 for the whole place and you get to choose any caterer you want.
  • Where are you planning for geographically?  It's going to make a difference if you want your wedding in the Fargo/Moorehead area vs. Stillwater vs. Tofte, vs. Duluth vs. Rochester KWIM... 
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