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Does anyone know of the best room block rates downtown Milwaukee? We will be getting married at the Wisconsin Club on 9th and Wisconsin and would like to keep it close. Any suggestions?

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    I am not sure how the rates are, but you could check the Hyatt downtown or the new Aloft. The Hilton is also a nice hotel. I assume you don't want your guests to stay at the Ho Jo. :)
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    [QUOTE]Does anyone know of the best room block rates downtown Milwaukee? We will be getting married at the Wisconsin Club on 9th and Wisconsin and would like to keep it close. Any suggestions?
    Posted by heidisue07[/QUOTE]

    Your best bet, is to look up a few hotels that are near your location and then look up reviews on them or maybe some ladies will have good rec's for you.  Hotel pricing varies so much based on different factors that you will have to call to get the best idea for rates.  In the downtown area, they are all going to be reasonably close.  The 3 we held blocks at varied: $89, $ 119, $129 per night.  You will find some that are more than that, but not many less than the $89.

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    I am having my reception at the Hyatt and just set up a room block. It is very affordable and the entire hotel was renovated a few years back. I would highly recommend that you check it out! The room rate was $149 for king or 2 doubles. I did some research and found that it is very competitive, especially since even the Doubletree and Hampton Inn were between $130-150. Do your research and see what the weekend cost for a few hotels would be and then contact that hotel and ask for a group rate.
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    Don't forget to check the hotels parking/valet rates and provide that information as well.  I love the A-loft really hip and trendy and they have an indoor pool for the families with kids, however their valet is $22 a night and there is no self park option. 
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    Depending on the quality of the hotel rooms, it can vary.

    We blocked out rooms at the Residence Inn on Plankinton which are $150/night and they are LARGE and BEAUTIFUL rooms - better than many of the surrounding hotels, I'd say.

    We also blocked rooms at the Comfort Inn and Suites for $100/night.

    You can check out the Hilton, Double Tree, Hyatt, Intercontinental, Hotel Metro
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    I got a block at The Ambassador Inn for $79.99/night and another across the street at The Ambassador Hotel for $129.99/night.
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    I negotiated a room block with the Doubletree Hotel on 6th and WI.  I got them to include valet parking for my guests.  It's a very nice hotel!!
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    make sure you check the bed bug registry- www.bedbugregistry.com
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    OMG  - the Bed Bug registry is disgusting!  I'm glad it's out there, but I was reading some of the reviews and NASTY!!!  YUCK!

    You ladies have got to check it out! 

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