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We are having a "family style" dinner where there are serving dishes on each table. We're really excited about the food but the trouble is that it doesn't leave much room (like any) on the table with the plates and everything. So what can we do for centerpieces? I don't want to have nothing, it seems like that would be really empty and non-festive when people are first coming in before the food is served. Can the servers take centerpieces away? Is this a waste of money if they're not going to stay on the tables during dinner? Any suggestions about how to approach this would be appreciated!

Re: Crowded table

  • Honestly, when people walk in the room, you'll have the tables all set, and that alone can make a table look beautiful.  Bring in color with the linens.  If you are doing favors, consider adding a pretty ribbon or flower to whatever it is (preferably edible).  And if you really want centerpieces, just do something simple like a small flowering plant. 

    I imagine the food will be coming out shortly after your guests are seated, so even if you had nothing, chances are no one is going to notice.
  • Talk to a florist about Eiffel tower centerpieces. The base is small and you still get a dramatic effect.

  • I went to a wedding last year that served dinner family style. They kept it pretty simple- a runner with  a few mason jars with pretty flowers. I thought it looked nice.
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    Can you rent bigger tables? Its always nice to have a little extra elbow room.
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  • I can't really rent bigger tables, the venue only has the one size and it'll be fairly tight as it is. The main issue is that the serving platter kind of has to go right in the middle of the table so the "center" part of centerpiece is going to be difficult. But I like Joan's suggestion, thanks!
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    I think your best solution is to simplify the centerpiece by using one small vase that doesn't take up much volume --- or nix the centerpieces completely. 

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