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Drago Sisters

I'm seriously hoping the cupcakes/taste of them make up for the lack of communication, I know that I have complained about this before but they are not good with communicating at all, it's been over a week for the final email i sent them to confirm everything and nothing back. I don't need anyone to call and I can't call them during the week b/c of work. Here's hoping they return my email before we get to Vegas!

Re: Drago Sisters

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    Boo! I will say when I stopped in for a sample a while ago, their shop was really busy. Sorry to hear that they're not so good with email. Have you considered calling them? Their baked goods were delicious when I tried them!

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  • Call them. Leave a message if you have to after business hours, but call them. I wouldn't keep waiting on an email, and if they're as busy as they usually are, I would find a minute in your work day to call... If only to put your mind at ease!
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  • thanks ladies for your replies. No personal calls on a work line at my job and I don't have service on my cell phone where I work. Yes I could call them after work and it could be like last time called them sent them a email they replied after I hadn't heard from them for a long time, but  this time they didn't reply back to any questions I asked them, so i'm in limbo. 
  • Call after work and leave a message?? Would be worth a shot
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  • ya this wasn't really a post on what I should do, just hey they aren't good with their communication and it sucks-a vent. This is the only company I work with on my wedding that doesn't communicate well at all. Which makes me extremely leery with them, so hopefully they are great! 
  • tcnobletcnoble member
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    This makes me nervous too as we are using them!! At least we live here and can just go in to their store if needed. It's a bummer because it really makes you question professionalism, as you would with any business who appears to just suck at communication, even if you really do love their work/product. I can personally vouch for their product and that they are nice people, so at least you know they aren't some sketchy wannabe bakers... If that helps!! lol I they get back to you!!
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  • thank you!! 
  • I just went through the same thing with them and was very nervous that a week before my wedding I was going to have to find another baker. I called them on Saturday and although they sounded very busy, I did get everything resolved and I feel much better! I'm sure everything will work out for you as well but I understand the frustration.
  • I tend to do everything via email, but I found that Drago Sisters was better by phone (they were slow on my initial email to them).  I talked with them by phone 3 or 4 times with different questions and changes.  Everything turned out great with my cake- it was exactly the way I wanted it and it was delicious.  If you call them, you will be able to talk to someone right away if you are concerned.
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