Deer Haven Banquet Hall??

I just booked Deer Haven for my banquet, and I absolutely LOVE the place!
The room is gorgeous and the prices are really reasonable.
But I've never had the food (All Occasions Catering is the exclusive caterer) and can't find any reviews on the actual banquet hall.  
Has anyone been to a wedding here?
Any help is greatly appreciated!!!

Re: Deer Haven Banquet Hall??

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    I haven't but have been for a friend's wedding.... fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    When is your banquet? Is this a reception for your wedding? My fiance and I booked Deer Haven for our outdoor ceremony and reception inside the hall. Our wedding is on October 1st. I could give you feedback and pictures afterwards.
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    My wedding is June 9, 2012 - Deer Haven will be the reception location.  
    That would be great if you can give me feedback!  Thanks!!
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    So our wedding was beautiful! The hall was great, bartenders were very nice and the food was really great. We got a lot of compliments! We did the buffet style(we were very skeptical about buffet at first). But it turned out really nice. No problems or complaints at all. We had the beef tips and chicken cordon bleu, garlic mashed potatoes, corn, and Italian bow tie pasta.
    We did a dollar limit on the bar and once that ran out guests paid cash. Drinks were a little pricey, but no one complained. A short rum and coke was $5.50. That was for rail. I can't remember what brand they use, but their rail isn't like the bottom of the line.
    We ended up having about 50 guests, there was plenty of room. Even with 9 guest tables, the buffet, head table, and misc tables for gifts, etc, there was plenty of space. And we had the dance floor at the largest size they can do.
    One thing I didn't like, though, was that they put the head table so close to the wall that you could just barely pull your chair out all the way to get in and it was already hitting the wall. We had to have the wedding party stay out on the dance floor after being announced to wait for us so we could sit first. We had to walk sideways between the wall and table to sit. My dress had a lot of pick-ups, making it pretty puffy on the bottom and I had to squeeze through.
    Here are some pictures from family members. They actually let us take about 5 golf carts to go onto the course for pictures. All the groomsman and my husband drove everybody around. It was so much fun!
    Overall, it was a GREAT place for our reception and ceremony!!

    This was set up when we booked for a wedding of about 130 or so I think. There were about 16 tables maybe.

    If you want more pics I can find some...GOOD LUCK!!
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