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AW your Bridesmaid's dresses!


Re: AW your Bridesmaid's dresses!

  • @Dignity100 - congrats!  Glad she found something!  That dress will be perfect for FL!!
  • Here are pics of the moms! Both of them chose whatever they wanted and I did not steer them in any particular direction. I thought they both looked fabulious!

    The first pic is my MIL & FIL. My MIL chose a lacy green dress with a matching sweater. I thought it looked great with her hair. Love this pic of them. (Goodness, this is making me really miss my FIL)

    The 2nd pic is my momma! I think this color is stunning on her. She was afraid to wear it because she thought the color was too loud. I was like "no way, you look awesome and I'm going to make you wear it if you don't choose it on your own!". haha.

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    Can I play? I am a bridesmaid in my friend's wedding next year, and here are the dresses we have to pick from. But I helped her to pick them out :). I think I want to go with the first one, depending on how it looks on me. 

    OMG where is the first one from? I'm in love with it.

    ETA: Found it. Googling is awesome. lol

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