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Newly engaged! - How often should I wear my ring?


Re: Newly engaged! - How often should I wear my ring?

  • When first engaged I was paranoid about getting it dirty or something happening to it, so I took it off to shower, sleep, do dishes, clean etc. Then I was away and didn't want to take it off in the hotel so wore it the whole week, then started doing more and more in it . Now I pretty much never take it off, unless I'm really getting my hands dirty.
  • Like most PP, I wear mine most of the time, with a few exceptions:

    1. Cooking/Dishwashing
    2. Yardwork/Gardening
    3. Running because my fingers swell a bit, or swimming for obvious reasons - I do wear it to the gym sometimes (I wear gloves when lifting weights and they protect it)
    4. Sleeping
    5. Showering
  • When I first got engaged, I took it off every night and put it in the box. Same for showers and workouts. Then I got used to it (there were literally ring-callouses on my middle and pinkie for a few days) and now the only time I ever take it off is to work out or if I'm going swimming. I wear no other rings, and the only jewelry I wear daily is a necklace.

    I also got a cover for our shower drain because the scene from Apollo 13 where she loses her ring down the hotel drain kept playing in my head...

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    I take mine off when I shower or swim, or if I pick up one of my turtles, especially one of my water turtles. We've only been engaged for two months, so it may change. I think I'm also going to start taking it off when I sleep? 
  • This is really a combination of personal preference and practicality depending on the type of ring. The jewelry store said that wearing my ring at night can over time wear out the prongs and cause loss of stones. Additionally, that it should not be worn in the shower or swimming due to finger shrinkage in water and possible loss of the ring.  I am very active and I generally do not wear it if I'm swimming, working out, hiking, etc. I'm usually doing one or more of these things at least once a day. Mine is white gold with a sapphire and diamonds. I love my ring very much and love wearing it, but I am not going to wear my ring somewhere that might risk damage to it or myself or risk losing it. Sometimes I forget to put it on, but I'd say I wear it most days and am always excited to put it on (5 months later). My fiance is very understanding that is it ultimately my choice how often I wear it. 
  • I wear mine whenever I'm not working (I work in construction), bathing, swimming, or around the house, wearing jewelry at home just feels weird to me, but otherwise if I'm out and about or with my fiance I usually slip it on. although I'm considering putting my ring on a chain when I'm at work
  • I only take my ring off when I shower or go to the gym. I lived 29 years without a ring on that finger, but now if I don't have it on it feels weird.
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