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Not honeymooning until 3 months after wedding-- thank you card etiquette?


Re: Not honeymooning until 3 months after wedding-- thank you card etiquette?

  • Wegl13Wegl13 member
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    I've gotten a couple thank you cards that had the full bridal party in them, during the ceremony- the very formal, in-front-of-the-church shot. I loved that because to me it was a reminder of the special event I attended- the part of it where they became husband and wife. It was just tucked in a regular thank you note, though, not put on the front, so it was easy to take out and display on my picture board of friends. I also keep invitations and programs from every wedding I've ever attended or been invited to so I might not be a great measure of "what other people find valuable."
  • Ditto Jells and Nikki. I would think it was really weird, but if you want to do it the holiday card is a good option.
    I don't think it's weird at all to get a picture like that from a close family member or close friend. Don't any of you guys keep or display pictures of your families? I find it more weird to walk into a house and see pictures of the couple displayed everywhere. . . And only the couple. However, I wouldn't wait 3 months to send Thank You cards out to your guests. Send them all out before you leave.
    I do keep pictures of my family and friends on display... but they're pictures I took or pictures of us together or, like, I'm at the event with them and had so much fun, but I'm not necessarily in the picture with them. I do not have pictures displayed of my family or friends on their vacations.
    The ONLY exceptions are school photos (friends' kids and cousins) and pics of my parents and grandparents before I was born.
    I would think it was super weird if someone sent me a picture of themselves on their honeymoon to be displayed. If I wanted a picture of them I could display, I'd take one of them at their wedding I attended lol.

    I do think it's a bit weird when a couple only has photos of themselves. It makes me wonder if they care to remember the other people in their lives.

    I definitely agree with the bolded - but I have to point out - the only way I get (framed) nice pictures of family members if if they give them to me. We have many framed pictures of certain nieces and nephews...and then 0 of others.  

    That doesn't mean the birth announcement or a save-the-date won't be on the fridge for a few months. But, long term, quality, great shots - the parents (or people involved) need to actively give them to us. (I wouldn't frame a photo thank you note.) 

    So, I definitely have framed photos of family members in our house. And, some are photos I had printed and framed myself. But, sometimes close relatives are "missing" because of other circumstances - not because I don't like them. ;)
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  • lovesclimbinglovesclimbing Alaska member
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    I would go ahead and send them without the photo.  We just sent simple TYs, no need for a photo.  I agree with whoever recommended sending a honeymoon shot at Christmas or with your Christmas letters if you do that. 

    I am a big big fan of sending a photo with the invitation, and that's what we did.

  • Jen4948Jen4948 Houston member
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    Send out your thank-you notes ASAP-even though, and especially because, you're not going on your honeymoon right away.
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