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Aunt Trying to Invite Kids &/or Adult Kids to My Wedding


Re: Aunt Trying to Invite Kids &/or Adult Kids to My Wedding

  • Maybe you can use the money you would have spent on aunt & uncle to provide transportation/care for grandma so she can still attend the wedding ;)

    Glad it's getting sorted out for you!  Good for standing your ground now, if you give in at this point they're going to assume they can continue to walk all over you long after you've married.
    Formerly known as flutterbride2b
  • @pinkrevenge ;

    Thank you for the kind words!

    I don't even care anymore. Let that woman show up at our wedding in a snit . . I will smile in her face and act like I don't even notice her attitude. 

    God help her if she tries to be rude to me when we are alone - I will let her HAVE IT. 

    And God help her if she tries to hold up the ceremony. . etc. or any other manipulative tactics, it won't be had. The entire family (my family included) has had ENOUGH. She will be considered last for everything and she better be on her best behavior or things will move along without her. 

    We are more resolved than ever to have the wedding we have been planning - and it feels great to know that FFIL has our back totally. 

    Now we can relax and finish up the wedding plans and maybe even enjoy it .. :)

    You guys rocked - thanks a million!! <3 xo
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