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Soloist at a Catholic Wedding

I'm having a Catholic wedding. My family is very musical and I want to have my brother sing a solo during the ceremony. I'm not having him as the Cantor I just want him to sing a solo. I'm having someone else cantor. Is there a spot after the vows that this can be done? I've read that sometimes a soloist sings during communion but I don't know if that's what I want.


  • I have heard of a song after the vows, though I'm not sure about a soloist.  You'll really have to check with your church/music director for specifics on this one.  Personally though, I like it a lot better when the whole congregation is encouraged to participate by singing and worshiping along with the cantor/soloist.  Another possible spot might be after Communion or during a presentation to the Blessed Mother (or St. Joseph, like we're doing).

    It is pretty easy in my experience to coordinate a cantor and a soloist together.  For my grandmother's funeral I sang Ave Maria after Communion, even though I didn't cantor the Mass.  

    Another option might be before the Mass has started while people are sitting down?  Possibly.  I've never heard of it before, but I think that would be nice if your church is ok with it.
  • Agree with the above.  It's not uncommon for there to be a soloist in weddings, but you definitely need to check with the music director to see what they think is the best time.  



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