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October 17th bride... Questions about favors!

Hi everyone!

I have been DIYing several elements of my upcoming wedding (Escort cards, mason jar luminaries, etc...) I've been really struggling with what I want to make for favors. I know I don't want anything edible, because I want my guests to keep them around and use whatever they are.

I thought of doing ornaments. Buying clear ornaments and decorating them somehow with our colors, names, date, maybe some ribbon... My wedding decor is very much fall-themed so I don't know if ornaments might be a little out of left-field, even if they were decorated to match the general theme of our wedding.

 My mom made a good point and said that time of year is really the beginning of the holiday season so it might work out well. Also, all of our guests do celebrate Christmas.

I would greatly appreciate any opinions!!

Thanks! (:

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  • I also should have mentioned that we are having a candy bar but that will be separate from the favors, because I'm not really into the two-for-one idea. And between the wedding cake, chocolate-covered strawberries, and the candy bar, I feel like edible favors would be overkill in addition to short-lived...

    We're getting married in Carmel, CA which is close to our hometown but it will be a bit of a destination wedding for many of our guests (guest list is at 75, all family except for bridal party) so I also kind of thought they might like it as a souvenir...

    Thanks for the feedback ladies! It's great to have perspectives from people who aren't my mom, FMIL, or fiance. (:

    The favors are still very much up in the air and the day is getting closer and closer!!

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  • The only reason I'm doing ornaments for my wedding is because it's a very very small destination wedding and I figured it would also be a keepsake from the trip (we're getting married at Disney World and planning on getting the Mickey Mouse bulb ornament with the year on it).  All of my guests are immediate family.  If they use the ornament, great - if they don't, that's their choice.

    Most take home items, I throw away.  I think the only one I kept was a glass votive candle holder - it's just a plane glass votive holder, no dates or etchings of any kind.  If I remember correct, they wrapped the candle that was inside the votive in some netting and put a sticker with their names and date on the netting.

  • Yeah it seems like I just shouldn't worry about people keeping them regardless of what we decide.

    What does everyone think about just doing an ornament that matches the overall decor and having a removable tag or something with our names and date? That way they can use the ornament without our names on it or people like our parents/grandparents could keep it on if they want.

    I appreciate all the feedback!!

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  • Great idea @Dignity100 !! Thanks!

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