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Okay, so I'm pretty set on having a different wedding than one my family has ever seen but small at the same time. I wanted the beach but our budget is calling for something a bit less expensive. So, I thought of the mountains in Tennessee and the gorgeous cabins up there! I found NUMEROUS cabins that sleep multiple people (48 people is the biggest I've seen) and the prices for those large ones are about $1600-2600 for two nights. There are wedding planning services there and ways for me to either have my party travel to a designated location, or they can come set up something nice at my cabin! I thought this would be a good idea for my wedding party and close family members to be covered without them having to pay too much (and since I'd be saving by not using an Atlanta venue, why not bring my family with me). I have family members, mainly married couples, who I'm sure may not want to be in the cabin with us (my FH and I will probably get a 1 bedroom cabin for us to be alone the second night), so how would I go about letting everyone know prices of different cabins and hotels/condos in the area? Any ideas on how I should go about the STDs and invites, etc? Would this be a good idea; has anyone tried it? I just need a way to approach it, etc. without having to deal with rude (and angry, not invited) family members. Thanks!

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  • a.  Congratulations!
    b.  Lemme make sure I understand you properly
    c.  what you want to do is:  take your bridal party and some selected family members on the prewedding night sleepover up into the woods n carryin on?  while there are other family members who you are inviting to the wedding but not the slumber part?  <-- zat right?  because if so
    d. let go of the idea of "without having to deal with rude (and angry, not invited) family members."   soon as Aunt Shirleen hear from maw maw Condessa that they all were excluded, you finna man the hotline.  That's not a suggestion to invite everybody, hell you can't please all the people all the time.  That's a suggestion to grow a thicker skin and expect noise.  At the very least if there's no dust up, you will have been pleasantly surprised.  

    Ignore me if I got it wrong, but I'm nosey so don't hesitate to correct the details  :P

  • @sultryzulu thanks!! I want my guests and my wedding party to come to the cabins but I know I won't be able to accommodate everyone in my enormous family! Yes, you are right people are going to talk and I should toughen up. :) Everyone invited to the cabin IS invited to the wedding because the wedding will be in TN. So, I just didn't know how to go about not inviting everyone in the family. As you've already suggested, families can cause uproar over
  • sultryzulu said hell you can't please all the people all the time. So somebody will always be mad but it is what it is.. I think your idea sounds really nice though and just as a note i would definitely give them plenty of time to decide if they want to come or can even afford to come that way you arent in a bind trying to plan for x amount of ppl and you get only a few ppl coming... HTH

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    Only you know your family so there are a lot of things you have to work out in this scenario.

    I would not host anyone. It's the fairest way. I'd be hurt if my cousin invited AND hosted part of my family but excluded me but thats the way my family is. 

    I also think you're creating drama by approaching it this way. You'd basically be having a destination wedding. Grownups plan and take vacations all of the time and this would be no different. Send out invitations and STDs. List the locations and rental prices with  1) an agent or 2) a website and let the people who are coming make their own decisions.

    Rent a cabin for yourself and hubby (maybe mommas) and move on. 
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  • Yeah I'm with @M1ssJ‌ here. Don't host the sleeping arrangements for anyone. Maybe your bridal party and your parents if you are feeling generous.

    Then just treat it like a destination wedding. Get with the cabin management and see if you can block out some rooms at a discount maybe. Send STDs so people have time to plan and provide details on how to arrange accommodations. You could use a website for that.

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