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North Carolina-Outer Banks

Renting a house for wedding question

Hi, we have finally decided to have our wedding in the Outer banks! Now comes the "fun" part. I'm reading through all the boards trying to get ideas on where to start. Here is my question, and I'm sorry if this was asked but I can’t find it. We are having our parents and our children and some of their friends (this is our second marriage so we have 5 children between us) we have several friends we want to invite and we want them to stay in the same house and vacation with us for the whole week. One of them is my MoH. It will be a small wedding since it is our second. How do I go about asking my friends to the wedding, asking them to vacation with us the whole week but also ask if they will be able to chip in for the rental of the house? Is this ok to do? We plan on paying for the anything associated with the wedding and reception. I'm just stuck on how to ask my friends to the wedding but then ask them for money. Thanks.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

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  • It does help.  Thanks.  I dont want to come off rude and offend them. 
  • doceridoceri
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    Agreed with the response above!  Before we rented a house we had gone to our family members and friends and asked them if they were interested in renting a house with us and the potential costs associated with it.  We didn't want to put ourselves in a situation where we couldn't afford the rental house by assuming people would want to be in it!
  • Before renting, I asked the people I was interested in sharing the house with if they would like to go in on it. I paid for a majority of the house as it had amenities *i* wanted.

    Will the wedding be at the rental house? I think there's potential for it to get a little weird then depending on your family. I wouldn't mind - but my friend was in that situation and she said she felt like she was paying for the venue which didn't feel right.
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