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Brunch ideas?

A friend of mine just got engaged and she's enlisted my help. She's having a small-ish wedding. About 50 people. They live in a small town and she's having her ceremony at a waterfront gazebo in her town at 11am. With a reception to immediately follow at their home. She is asking me about food but I'm kind of stumped. I figured a brunch type menu but other than that I don't really know how to direct her. I suggested a mimosa and Bloody Mary bar but food wise I'm not sure if she should go with more mid morning food or lunch food? What would you suggest?

Re: Brunch ideas?

  • Is she having a caterer? If not, I think brunch would be really hard to keep fresh and hot. I think if she has a caterer, they can give her a sample menu. If it was me, I would want something with yogurt and fruit parfaits, fried potatoes, bacon and sausage, a pancake bar and maybe mini quiches. 

    If she is self-catering, I think a simple lunch is probably the best idea. Trays of veggies, meats and rolls with some salads would be wonderful, as long as everything is kept properly cool. 
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    I would say lunch. We did a 10:30 ceremony with a lunch and mimosas from 11-2. We considered brunch, but it was less expensive to go with just one "type" of food, actually. Had we done brunch, we would have had to have a much larger mix of breakfast and lunch foods. 

     If her ceremony is at 11, then the reception will probably start at around 11:30? For me, that's pushing toward lunch, and with the ceremony at 11, I would definitely have already eaten breakfast when I got up that morning. 
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  • I agree with lunch if she's not having a caterer. Since it is a home reception it will be much easier for someone to just run into the kitchen and grab a few platters out of the fridge, uncover them and set them out. It might even be possible that a grocery store or deli will deliver to the home shortly after the ceremony starts. She would just need someone who was willing to be at the house to accept delivery.  
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  • I think she's looking for something a little but more formal than roast beef and ham on a platter. But not ex tacky as formal as a dinner reception. Which was why I was at a loss.
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    Savory pastries like spinach artichoke in a mini puff pastry, cheesy potatoes, quiche, French dip and au jus...? Electric roasters or chafing dishes to keep everything warm.

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