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Cosmo - Wedding Suite and Point Loma

Has anyone actually gotten married in the Wedding Suite or Point Loma chapels? I see lots of people getting married in the wraparound terrace but not much info on the others!
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Re: Cosmo - Wedding Suite and Point Loma

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    It was one of my serious contenders. The WC I contacted discouraged point loma for me because our wedding was too small (50 people) and it would look awkward for the space. As far as the wedding suite, there were a couple of red flags for me. For example, brides don't walk down an altar but come from the side. With 45-50 guests, only some could sit, and Cosmo has a monopoly on catered food and floral. I can't see any way for another to sneak outside alcohol or catering in. Lastly, it's by the hour and there's no sleeping room attached. I can see why Cosmo brides go with the wraparound so they have it all night and have options with regard to food and beverage. Just my opinion!!!
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    Oh interesting! So they said that 45-50 people could fit into the wedding suite? I know it says 40. I am having my reception somewhere else so the food and beverage aren't a big deal for me. 
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