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How to make small venue look bigger?!?

Hi there-

I'm new to this blog.  My wedding venue hold a maximum of 225 people and all 4 walls are floor to ceiling mahogany.  The ceiling is is 8ft or 9ft, it's not tall.  How do I make the space look bigger?  I don't want it to feel cramped.


Any advice is appreciated!!!

Re: How to make small venue look bigger?!?

  • Hmm.  Pictures would help.

    In general, the best thing to do is probably use lots of white/ivory and clean lines when decorating.  A pale tablecloth and a low, tight, clean centerpiece would probably help open up the space.  Like this:

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    Exactly what JC said.  Notice the centerpieces, they are low and clean.  The only thing I would add (always do) would be tea lights. Also, if there is any way to dim the lights and then add uplighting.  This takes the eyes away from the ceiling and gives the illusion of more space.
  • Honestly, don't even worry about dark walls. Add lighting to the tables, and light colors, and that's where people's eyes will be. 

    Very dark walls or floors simply disappear. You really see them when you see the empty room, because there's nothing else there to see.

    As goofy as the comparison is, think about the ride through Disney's haunted mansion. Under normal light, you'd be shocked at how small the space is. But you look only where the light and focal points draw your eye, and the dark walls simply vanish into nothing, giving the illusion of empty space.
  • Being under capacity (fewer tables) will enlarge the space. Plus the low flowers, white tablecloths, and up lighting PP mentioned.
  • Just a question, if available, would square tables create the appearance of more space?
  • Thanks for your reply ladies!!! I've attached the venue onto this post.  How do I give it a wow factor? I've also attached what I would like as a center piece with varying tall and short.  Would the tall centerpieces make it feel smaller?
  • Yes, I think the tall centerpieces would make the low ceilings more evident - they'll draw the eye upward, where they're more likely to pay attention to the ceiling.

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    Agree with being way under capacity. 
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