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7 months to go! How far along are you with your wedding planning?

So February is just about 7 months away now. How far along are you with your wedding plans? 

I have barely done a thing. I've got the venue, sent a few of my STDs out, and sort of thought about wedding colors and bridal party. But that's it and I know I need to get a move on it. Plus my wedding is in HI and I live in AZ (originally from HI). I'm just so not motivated, just want to have a big party and call it good. I am visiting HI in a couple weeks to look at the venue, go dress shopping and get decoration ideas - so hopefully that will jumpstart my motivation. Really need to get motivated - so maybe hearing how far along everyone is (or isn't) will help me (and hopefully others) out. 

Re: 7 months to go! How far along are you with your wedding planning?

  • It's probably hard for you since you are planning from far away! Good luck with everything.

    On my end, I was engaged in January and thought it was crazy to try to plan a wedding in an little over a year but we've managed. It basically meant we got our big item things out of the way.

    So far, we have venue for reception/ceremony, caterer, DJ, photography, photobooth, asked wedding party, and save the dates done.

    I'm in the middle of dress shopping picking between two dresses but having 3 more to try on by next weekend. (I have a general idea of what I want but now it's the details in every single dress that has to be compared with each other)

    We're meeting with a florist tonight and met with another last week. We'll be finalizing that by the end of the month. 

    Cakes come with our venue so we can pick among 3 different bakers. I'll be scheduling tastings of menu and cakes sometime in August so we can have invitations out by October. I want to beat the holiday rush so invitations don't get lost during Thanksgiving/Christmas craziness. 

  • Good idea to beat the holiday card rush! I plan to send my invitations out by Oct as well. Sounds like you've got a lot done already. I finally asked one of my bridesmaids today and she said yes. :-) (I've already asked my sister and sister-in-law.) So at least that's starting to make headway. 

    I am really hoping my trip next week will be productive. I do know that the longer I wait, the more stress I'm giving myself. :-)  
  • One of my biggest stresses was asking who to be in the bridal party. I knew the MOH was my sister but I didn't finish picking my 3 other bridesmaids until fairly recently. I wanted to get some planning out of the way so I could give them a more organized schedule for them to make an informed decision. I didn't want to burden them. Is that odd!? Once that was out of the way, I was like so much more relaxed.

    Good luck with everything ! :D
  • All I have left is little things Exp: putting my escort cards on the hearts I have purchased, dyi guest book and learn how to make bows for the reserved aisles. I am thrilled a lot of stuff done already. My venue covers the cake and center pieces.
  • I went to HI for a week last week and was able to go to a Bridesclub  Wedding expo which was huge and really good and a smaller wedding workshop through this awesome shop called The Wedding Cafe (www.theweddingcafe.net),  Since HI is a destination wedding location, there are always a lot of wedding related stuff going on. I was also able to attend a real wedding, which was my main reason for going..and was able to witness the repercussions of a Bridezilla (don't be one of these because this is what people will remember the most about your wedding). 
    I was able to get my dress at the big expo!!! And got to see my venue in person - thankfully it's still beautiful! I was able to meet a lot of vendors and get lots of great ideas. Now I have to sift through all of the info I got and make some decisions/call around. I finally got the kick start I needed. I do need to ask the rest of my BMs though... yes, safirebebe, I totally get you on the burdening thing which is why I want to ask them in writing so they have time to really consider it before agreeing to it. I've been in 6 weddings as a bridesmaid and I want to make sure mine will understand the time and cost commitment they are making. It's the most nerve wracking thing! I have 9 I want to ask and I can't think of how I could make the list smaller since they are each very special to me. I've asked 3 of the 9 and each have said yes so far. 
    Also today I got my fiance's shirt at Costco! Since it's in HI the men are wearing hawaiian attire - and they had this really nice silk ivory (matches my dress) Hawaiian shirt for $20 there! woo hoo! Checking off the list slow and steady.... 
  • @ rainbow - it sounds like you have a lot done already! that's awesome. I hope to get there soon and only worry about the little details

    @ emerald - that's fantastic that you got to see the venue in person and get more of your checklist done! I've never seen an actual bridezilla in person (it sounds like i'm describing an exotic animal :P) fortunately. Let's hope we all stay on top of it and the people we hire do their jobs so it avoids us turning into bridezillas.

      9 is a huge bridal party! Is your fiance also asking 9? 

    On my end, I booked our florist putting down 30% deposit, started researching rehearsal dinner and getting quotes, almost finished booking our hair/make-up people for the day (have to send in contract and $100 deposit), ordered my wedding dress (60% down), started the process of bridal party picking their dresses (ordering by the end of the month), got rental quotes for chiavari chairs/chargers/linens, started designing invitations and other stationary needs..

    I totally understand the check list thing. I get excited every time something major gets done!
  • I'm barely getting started. Recently engaged and trying to get a date settled on, as well as a budget. Once those are set, it'll be easier to plan the rest. And I'm eager to plan! Hoping to have date, budget and venue set by the end of the month.
  • Fiance and I got engaged May 3. The weekend after we booked our venue and set our date for February 21st. The weekend after that, I proposed to my bridesmaids and picked out their dresses. All of them have already ordered their dresses and I have 9 girls in my bridal party. I said yes to the dress July 12, we have our colors picked out, sent out STDs the end of July, booked florist, blocked hotels, booked rehearsal venue, having my food tasting for catering at the end of August, and I've even already ordered our formal invitations for the wedding. I'm pretty on top of it. I should have been a wedding planner!

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