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99 and a half days!!

I'm finally in double digits :)

Also, today we had ice cream at work (can't fix the sideways pic)

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Re: 99 and a half days!!

  • sarawifenowsarawifenow member
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    Congrats! It is unreal when you hit that! I swear time doubles in speed. I went from 100 days to 87 days in one day I swear! I hope time flies as quickly for you as it is for me!


    Also, ice cream day at work should be a national, weekly mandated policy.


    Edited for clarification

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  • kebebbkebebb member
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    Ice cream days at work are my favorite. The six of us in my building go out for ice cream once a week!
    I totally agree with @SaraBrideSoon that once you hit 100 things go SO fast!

  • I blinked my eyes and I went from 99 days to 72! I get so nervous and excited every time I look at the countdown.

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  • @des8724 - I just noticed your post on the Pittsburgh board...I'm in Pittsburgh, too!
  • time is passing faster than ever since we hit below 100 days also!!! ***Slightly freaking out***
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