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Wedding venue under construction at time of wedding

Hi all,

HELP! Our wedding is 2 months away and our venue will be under construction.

I was wondering what to do in this case- the venue we signed at will be under going construction adjacent to the area where the ceremony will be taking place. We've been told there will be a wall/partition up during our ceremony. We booked the venue because we liked the space, both inside and out and now we are upset since there will most likely be ugly boards in place of beautiful rock.

At the time of booking, we didn't know, nor did the venue know that they were going to be bought out and now that they have been bought out there's construction occurring. On top of this- we were working with a wedding coordinator that unannounced to us, is no longer with the company. The only reason we found out was because we had stopped into the hotel and were asking questions about the space and called the next day to discuss with our coordinator only to find out that they no longer worked there.

We feel like we've been completely left in the dark about all of this. They've known at least for a couple of months when construction was going occur but we haven't received any information. I personally feel like had we not asked, we would've shown up the day before the wedding to all of this. The said they were still honoring the weddings that were booked, but we have no idea if all the details we went over will come through.

It's a little too late now to change venues, but what should I do? The place had a catering company/restaurant in the venue but now doesn't even exist (it closed). Anyone experience anything like this? What did you do??

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!

Re: Wedding venue under construction at time of wedding

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    Are there other areas in the venue where you can have your ceremony?
  • So sorry about your situation! I can't believe how unprofessional the switch-over was. 

    Are you positive that the venue can't be changed? It's for the ceremony and the reception and the company is still catering? If they are willing to refund you and your party is not too large to be hosted elsewhere last minute, I would give that some serious thought. 

    If you really are stuck, then it would be worth confirming that no work is to be done during the ceremony and to see how they propose to clean up the area. Surely there is a screen that can be placed in front of the wall? I feel that they owe it to you to make the experience a nice one and to offer you a discount, but given their current disintrest you should probably be prepared to do some crafting/rearranging of space on your own. 

    Good luck!!!

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  • Take a good look over your contract to see if it says anything about the site being not as you had seen it originally. 
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