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Ran out of hotel rooms

I blocked out a number of rooms back in February and our wedding is October 3, 2014.  I included little cards with the save the dates when I mailed them in February informing everyone of the hotel information so they could book early.  About 8 people did, but the rest have not.  There are several couples I know that live out of state that I gave friendly reminders to for the past few months and they just brushed it off.  Now I find out that our block of hotel rooms is full, and the rest of the hotel is full as well... zero vacancy for the night of our wedding.  I knew this was a possibility so I notified everyone as early as I could without coming across as pushy.

Now there are no rooms left at the hotel...there are other hotels in the area but none that will provide a shuttle to our venue like the original hotel is going to.  Do I inform the guests of this and try to accommodate them at a different hotel?  Or have I done enough already and now they're on their own...finding their own hotel room, finding their own transportation to and from the wedding...etc.  I feel bad but I also feel like I've done plenty to assure these people have hotel rooms for that night and they didn't take up the offers when they should have.

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  • If it were me I would try to get another room block at another hotel. Travel to your venue is up to your guests and is not your responsibility. But honestly, I think you have done plenty. You gave a room block, you reminded those that are OOT about it and now it is full. If your guests didn't book in time to get the price discount/stay at the hotel where your wedding is taking place then that is on them.

  • They're adults, they can figure it out on their own now. They can always stay elsewhere and cab it/walk/drive to the shuttle location.
  • My entire wedding is OOT. I blocked off rooms at two hotels near the venue but then included a list of other hotels nearby that would also work - though rooms weren't blocked at them. About half of my guests seem to have taken advantage of the room blocks and the other half were perfectly fine getting rooms elsewhere. I think that your guests will be fine figuring out both other places to stay and the logistics of getting to your wedding.

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  • They'll be fine figuring it out. Is it possible that they've found cheaper rates elsewhere and are getting their own transportation? Also, if your block is full doesn't that mean your guests have booked rooms? I'm just a bit confused by that statement. Sorry!
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    I had the same problem and then discovered that my mom and aunts were all booking up 5 rooms each- to save rooms for their favorite people and so they would be next to each other.. eventually I persuaded them to give up a few for other guests. My hotel was able to add a few more too. 
    I would try to get another block at a different hotel, but I think it's fine to let them figure it out on their own too. If you snooze, you lose. 
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  • I have had the same problem. We set up a block, we notified FH side of the family (they are the ones mostly OOT) and we cannot block any more rooms at that hotel. I've made sure that our wedding website has two more hotels near the church and two more hotels near the venue...other than that I'm not putting anymore thought into it. Everyone is an adult, they can find their own hotel room.

  • It's definitely not your job to do anything more. They're adults and will figure it out on their own.
  • Glad I saw this post, as the same thing has just happened to me. FI called around to try to get another block, but was turned down because apparently there is some huge conference in town. The vacancies are definitely selling for higher rates than usual for the time of year. 

    Our wedding is 9/13 and STDs went out in February.  I mentioned to a bridesmaid, "Boy, it's a good thing you booked so early- it's sold out!"  Her reply? "Well, you sent the STD's ages ago!"  

    FI and I have been a bit concerned, but really, we did what we could and it's on everyone else that they snoozed- especially if they had an STD with our wedding website and hotel information.  

  • My H waits FOREVER to book hotel rooms, so we have been left out of the blocks a few times now. I blame him every time, I never blame the bride and groom. We are adults and are capable of booking hotels on our own. I book them the day I get the STD if I already know I am going. I booked a hotel in March for a wedding in October because I want to be at the wedding hotel with my friends. You did what you could :)
  • Is it possible to set up a block of rooms at a different hotel, but have them drive over take the other hotels shuttle over. With a group of wedding guests, how can they know that your guests may be staying at a different hotel.

    Our wedding is the weekend of a big soccer tournament that is held that weekend every year, I set up my blocks somewhere between June-July 2014 for my April 25th, 2015 wedding because of this tournament. Our block end dates stop the end of March and beginning of April.
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  • My wedding is in about 2 weeks. I had the wedding block since December, and it closed out on Friday. I had to push people to book rooms before the deadline, and people not booking (such as parents of our child attendants) caused some pretty interesting problems for me. But I thought I had everything all taken care of.

    Today, FMIL emails me saying that their family friend didn't book a room, is there any more rooms at the hotel, will the cost be the same, etc. My response? The block closed last Friday! If they have rooms left the cost won't be the same.

    My internal thoughts? Too bad, so sad, you had months to do this and you knew about it, not my fault you waited until the last minute!
  • You've done enough. I've been the guest who missed the blocked rooms before and just made other arrangements. I certainly didn't expect the bride and groom to help me because I am a procrastinator.
  • People will figure it out. I had a similar situation, people are still coming.
  • You've done enough. Guests had plenty of time to get the rooms reserved. They'll find somewhere to stay, no need to stress yourself out
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