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New York-Long Island

Barn-like venue in Long Island or Upstate NY (aka not far from NYC)

Can anyone recommend any cost-efficient wedding venues in the Greater NYC area? I've done some research but the choices are limited and I'd love to find some off the beaten path venues that are just as great.

Re: Barn-like venue in Long Island or Upstate NY (aka not far from NYC)

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    Hey! I wanted the exact same thing as you...from my research I found that the barn-like and farm (what I wanted) venues were very expensive...for instance, one place I spoke with was $5,000 for the weekend, but only for the venue, not including anything else. I had the same issue as you where I wanted a venue not far from NYC. Out east LI has some farms, but they're expensive. I can recommend Highlands Country Club in Garrison, NY (only 1 hour from the city). That's my venue!! Not only is it gorgeous there, there's a barn on the premises you can take pictures in front of. The venue is not the typical catering hall or country club type place, it's elegant and rustic at the same time. The wedding coordinator there has been amazing. For me, this was a good compromise since the barn-like venues were so expensive for not including much, plus very far upstate most of them. Feel free to pm me if you have questions about Highlands, as I'm getting married there next month!
  • It's not completely cost-effective, but we're having our reception at Minerals Resort (Crystal Springs) in Vernon, NJ. They have a beautiful pavillion out back that has a wooden roof with the same type of style of a barn. You can look them up on Facebook, I think it's Minerals Resort Weddings, and they have a photo album for the pavillion. Good luck!
  • Hey there! I'm moving this to NY Long Island board. If you'd like to move this to the Upstate NY board as well, I strongly recommend it!

    I'm moving this because Offbeat weddings is an international board and you'll get better responses on the local board.

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  • Try Benners Farm in East Setauket on Long Island- I know they have put together some GORGEOUS weddings in the past with Food Trucks, big tents and all.. I was trying to find some really good pictures and if you dig im sure you can - here is what I found from their facebook...

  • you should check out Queens County Farm Museum. They have a barn and the rental rate is pretty affordable. Its right in the middle of NYC and LI lol.... I've seen some beautiful weddings done there. I posted the link below for more info. Hope this helps

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