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Any houses/ mansions for rent? (+ flower advice :)

Hi everyone! I'm planning a wedding on a small budget (about 150 people with $12000). We've been looking at places where we can save money by bringing in our own caterers and bar. We've already checked out most of the places I've seen mentioned on here like Shane Center, Spanish monastery, davie school, leiser opera center and a few others. So far none seem ideal. Now we are looking to maybe rent a large house which would also be good to accommodate visiting family. Does anyone know of any large houses/mansions for rent that allow events? We would prefer a venue closer to the Fort Lauderdale area. Also I was wondering if anyone has tried to order wedding flowers online for bouquets/ corsages/ boutonnieres? Some online sites even ofer packages with center pieces. I don't think I'm artistically inclined enough to just order the flowers and arrange them myself but these sites deliver them already arranged. However I would hate to do this and the flowers arrive in bad condition on the day :(

Re: Any houses/ mansions for rent? (+ flower advice :)

  • Safire,

    I would recommend to visit the Killian Palms Country Club.  They have their own catering and Bar, but I think you can have your event with that budget there and not worry about anything.  Even flowers are included!

    Email one of the Event Producer Team members at [email protected] so they can send you more information
  • If this is a money issue, take a look at Embassy Suites hotel on 17th Street in Ft Lauderdale. Honestly great food, a beautiful ballroom and amazing fountains and atrium for photos. I am not sure when your wedding is to be held, but obviously, you will do better, price-wise if you are not in high season.
  • Thank you so much!! I will email Killian Palms for sure. I have already emailed Embassy Suites on 17 th but their price per person is over my budget. Maybe because my wedding date is in May next year and not flexible due to work issues :( Thanks for the reply though!
  • YA1YA1 member
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    Try New Dawn at Cutler Bay.. not exactly Fort Lauderdale but inexpensive to rent.. beautiful garden for ceremony and an interesting building for the reception. It used to be a church and it is on a Catholic School grounds so you have great parking. Their caterer is awesome and very very reasonable and you will save even more money because he'll have you buy your own liquor and he'll provide the soft drinks, drink mixers, ice, stirrers, cups, bartenders etc. This is extremely budget friendly because you can return any unopened bottles!
  • Thanks but we decided to go with the Shane Center. May still look New Dawn up out of curiosity though :)
  • If you're willing to trek it to Boca- the Spanish River Library is beautiful and more than reasonable. They even have tables/chairs and a dance floor so you don't have to worry about renting that type of stuff.
  • Hey,

    I have the same budget and around the same amount of guests. What catering company are you using? Do you have any vendors you could suggest?

  • Using a friend of our as a caterer and haven't seriously started looking at other vendors yet sorry but I'll update you when I do.
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