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Smoking at all inclusive resorts...

We are looking to go on our honeymoon at an all inclusive resort (probably one of the Sandals or Secrets resorts). However, I am allergic to cigarette smoke, and I'm worried that my vacation will be ruined by people smoking everywhere. I emailed people at both resorts- Secrets said that smoking is allowed in all open areas, and Sandals hasn't gotten back to me yet but I'm willing to bet that the answer is going to be the same.
What are your experiences with going to these resorts and encountering smokers? Are there a lot of people that smoke? I really want to go in the pools and swim up bars but I'm afraid that's going to be the worst. :(
(Side note: I have looked around for a non-smoking all inclusive resort. The only one I found was the Hyatt Zilara in Cancun, which is a lot more expensive and over our budget. Booo.)
Please let me know! Thanks. (:

Re: Smoking at all inclusive resorts...

  • I also just found out about Palace resorts and Excellence resorts, so any comments about smoking there would be great too. :)
  • Smoking in outdoors areas wasn't bad (I don't remember any actually) at Excellence Punta Cana.  The breeze and open air will help move the smoke away from you as long as you stay up wind of the smokers.
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  • The AI's I've stayed out, you could smoke outside and on your deck or terrace of your room, but no where inside.

    I think Sandal's has the same policy. If you go to Trip Advisor there should be more information.

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  • You can smoke in all outdoor areas at sandals including the balcony (excluding dining areas even if they are outdoor). I can tell as a smoker (hubs too) that we are seeing less and less smokers on the resorts. We even try to keep it to a minimum if others are close by.
  • I've been to several Palace Resorts in Mexico. I am pretty sensitive to smoke and can honestly say I never had any issues with smoke at Palace. I don't even remember seeing many people smoking.
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    Although I am not allergic to cigarette smoke, I truly detest the smell. I've never had any problems with smoke at resorts. I think generally, smokers are respectful of others at places like these. In the city streets, not so much. (Sorry smokers, not all of you but you know those few rude ones feel like they're everywhere sometimes!) I found that I noticed smokers more in the evenings but they'd separate themselves a bit from everyone else. At the pools, it's fairly easy to find a spot away from someone smoking. I don't know how grave your allergies can be but if it's not where you'll end up in a hospital because of them, I think you'll find it's not so bad.

    ETA- I found the above to be true in my experience at all AI resorts I've stayed in DR, Jamaica and Mexico.
  • I quit smoking three years ago, and my Fiance just decided to quit and has been smoke free for about three weeks now. This was an excellent question as I am interested in this as well. Now that I have quit I try to avoid it as much as possible. I honestly feel as though I will be bothered more by airport and traveling smoke than we will at the resort. At least at the resort we can avoid it as necessary.
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  • I was just at a Sandals in Jamaica in June and I have to say I really didn't notice any smoke at all.  I saw one or two people smoking but it really wasn't near anyone and I never smelled it.  I have been to all inclusive resorts in Cuba etc and never found it terrible there but certainly noticable.  
  • I was just at the Sandals Royal Bahamian and I can honestly say, I don't remember seeing one person smoke. If people were, it definitely wasn't obvious or over the top. My FI has never smoked (and despises it), so he definitely would have said something if it was noticeable. 

    As a side note, we went to the Atlantis on Paradise Island for a few days before heading home and you can smoke anywhere there - it was gross.
  • @scsd1222 That's awesome. I quit smoking over three years ago and my Fiance just quit smoking on his own about three months ago. I never understood how non-smokers could despise smoking so much until I quit myself. I hate being around people who smoke, especially because I made the conscious decision to quit because of my asthma and chronic bronchitis. I try to be understanding because to each his own but it still bothers me if I am close too it. Now I feel like ex smokers are the most critical of smoking in general.
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  • I have a timeshare through the Palace properties, but I can't tell you what their smoking policy is. Of the many times I've been there, I don't recall it ever being an issue. DH is also allergic to cig smoke.
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  • Recently, Jamaica banned smoking in all buildings, balconys, patios, etc and at the resorts there are certain areas where you can smoke, but no where else (think Disney). So that may be a good option, being that you could just stay away from those few areas. 
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