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How much will heel height affect hem?!

When I had my first fitting in my dress I hadn't chosen shoes yet, so I brought along a pair I already had, which have a 3 3/4" heel. I have been trying to find another shoe that matches that heel height, but it's proving to be more difficult than I had originally planned! I found a heel I love that has a 4" heel. Will that small of a difference be noticeable when I go back for my fitting? I assume it won't be but don't want to waste money on shoes I can't wear and don't want to risk making my scary alterations girl angry ;-P. I appreciate any insight!!

Re: How much will heel height affect hem?!

  • I don't think 1/4" will make too much of a difference.  Honestly, I wouldn't have had the seamstress start the hem if you weren't sold on a pair of shoes yet.  You could have done it at your second fitting instead.
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