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Dear Cheer team,

I am such a proud coach already! You girls did fantastic last night trying to get to know everyone and include the new girls in everything. Although there were a few moments of *facepalm* with your filters, that is something we can work on. This season is looking great already!

Proud cheer coach!


Dear Self,

I'm proud of you for actually tracking all your food yesterday and trying to do more with the girls during practice. I'm also proud of you ordering the 21 day fix because you really need to start eating better. This is only beginning! Now starts the journey to being a better and healthier you!

Pounds, I'm coming for you!!!


Dear Luke Bryan,

I can't wait to see you shake it for me Sunday. 

Giddy Country Girl
friends tv show funy


  • dear Insanity,

    I love you, but we're breaking up.  thanks for the good times.

    with sadness,

    dear new skirt,

    you are so cute, and you make my butt look good.

    all the love,
  • @caseface5 I want some Luke Bryan too! Those jeans....I just can't.

    Dear H,

    I'm so glad you enjoyed your bday weekend! I had fun surprising you as well and getting to watch you open all your gifts! You make me so happy!

    Your Wife

    Thank you for helping out with Maddux this upcoming weekend! He loves playing with Cinders and also air humping her lol! Hopefully Maddux won't do anything to strange while we are gone.


    Dear headache,

    Please go away! I need to concentrate!

    Dear House,

    You need to be cleaned!!!!
  • Dear House Permits,

    Please fill yourself out.

    -Why do I need permission to build a fence?


    Dear Nightmares,

    Stop.  Seriously.  No more ghosts, death, plane crashes, cancer, etc.

    -Sleep Deprived


    Dear H,

    You were adorable calling this morning to complain about missing your kisses because I didn't wake you up to say goodbye.  But I know you needed the sleep.


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    Dear Amazon

    Please ship my T25 out soon, I want to get started!!

    Prime Membership Holder


    Dear Self

    I'm glad you convinced yourself to order the T25 package.  Now can you please stick to it?

    Also, stop worrying/stressing so much - you're only going to make yourself sick!!  The $$ from the wedding WILL grow back on the money-tree.  You will get a lovely bouquet even if it's not the one you initially wanted.  Everything will turn out perfect - it may not be the wedding you 'dreamed' of, but new dreams are made daily!!

    Keep positive!


    Dear Parents

    I know I cannot talk wedding to you because of mom's anxiety stuff, but I really need to know what your plans are so I can get my transportation all booked.  I've got 1 month to get everything all booked out.  If you've decided you won't be able to make it because of mom's anxiety, please just let me know (I understand and I get it) - I hate things being up in the air like this!! 

    You're Loving Daughter

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    Dear @southernpeach89,

    I can't wait for Maddux to come stay with us. Cinders loves him and I absolutely hope he does something weird so I can catch it on video and send it to you! Have fun Friday night!


    The bestest big sis in the world


    Dear FI,

    I'm glad you had fun with your friends last night and I'm sorry you're suffering for it today. I hope you feel better this evening so we can work out together!

    I love you! Your FI


    Dear invitations,

    You can start addressing yourselves any time now.

    No love, 30 more to go....


    Dear house,

    You really need to be cleaned. Can you please just clean yourself? I'm tired. And while you're at it, can you please just repaint yourself too?

    Love, me


    Dear client lady,

    I hate that your stupid requests have basically taken up the past month of my life. You should be 5% of my job and right now you're expending 100% of my energy. I wish you'd learn to figure out which of your requests are reasonable and which ones are over the line. I am not your personal assistant nor am I paid to be.

    No love, the girl at that company whose job is not solely catering to you and your fantasies 24/7

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    Dear @southernpeach89,


    You're welcome
    friends tv show funy
    [Deleted User][Deleted User]CLoGreenEyesKeptInStitches
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    Dear whatever the fuck this rash is on my skin,

    You can seriously go away now! I hate you. I hate whatever plant in the yard caused this, and I hate that the calomine lotion is only helpful for so long.

    No love, girl with icky skin

  • Dear Mom,

    I love when you make me soup. You made my day yesterday.

    Dear Oldest Sister,

    You are so strong and beautiful. You will make it through your struggles with H. It might not work out the way you want it to, but it will work out the way that is best for you down the road. 

    Dear Coffee,

    Ah. We meet again. You are one sexy b*tch, and I love ya. 

    Dear BF,

    I don't want us to go back to our separate colleges this fall. This is our fourth year, and we are pros at this long distance thing, but I really love it when you are just ten minutes away. 

  • Dear @minskat,
    I remember those days. Then I had to go to a community hours session to even be allowed to turn the paperwork in. It was SO fun (not). I guess that's the price we pay for living in a historic district.

    Fence-building homewoner


    Can't wait to hug your faces this weekend!!!



    Dear DH,
    I'm looking forward to seeing you tonight. I love you so freaking much (do I say that every week? I feel like I say that every week).

    the wifey


    Dear Fritz and Freddie,
    Thank you for being good for me while papa was out of town. I hope you enjoyed the trips to the park. Now please learn to walk on a leash. Thank you.



    Dear life,
    Thanks for being so great. How did I get so lucky?

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    "You are made of win." -SopChick
    Still here and still fabulous!

  • Dear H,

    I hoping today there isn't anything major wrong with your knee.  I love our kitchen and the way it's turning out and thank you for indulging me in a quick conversation about painting and fixing up spare bedroom #1(aka the someday nursery!).  I love you more and more each day, I can't wait to watch the rest of our wedding video tonight too!


    Your wife

    Dear self,

    Please keep up with the working out and don't slack, and please stay away from the junk food.  I just wish you weren't always so hungry either.



    Dear kitchen,

    You look amazing and I can't wait until you are fully complete and remodeled, hopefully this will  be real soon. 

    Excited homeowner


  • Dear internet friends,
    Hiiii! I've moved to a shared office and don't want my new officemate to see me posting on message boards so I've been avoiding you. (Not that I've been posting all that much, but I was getting back into it. Alas...)

    Dear  @loves2shop4shoes, @suzie211, and @cu97tiger,


    Dear H,
    What a lovely anniversary trip! I had so much fun and cannot waaait to vacation with you and Tiger and Mr. Tiger!!!!


    Dear Random PB Cup sitting here on my desk,
    Um, where did you come from? Might you be poison filled? I won't eat you because I don't know where you came from and you'll likely kill me or at least cancel out some of my Day 6 routines.

    That someone safe claims you and no one wants me dead

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    Dear FI,

    Wow, the mortgage broker lady thinks we will be eligible for a LOT of money. Please keep in mind that I do not have very good credit and that amount could change, but it sounds like we can actually buy a house!! Now I just have to convince you that the house you want is wrong and the house I want is right...

    Love, your FI (who is totally right in this situation)


    Dear subway,

    Oh you were a horror this morning. I know that you had absolutely no control over the unfortunate situation, but yikes that was a disaster. Contingency planning is your friend.

    Just a thought, girl who is stuck with you until we buy a house and I go back to driving.


    Dear fridge and cupboards,

    Please restock yourself. I do not like having to buy breakfast and lunch because I was away all weekend and have no food.

    Love, girl who doesn't want to waste her money buying meals out!


    Dear photographer,

    Please be awesome tonight for our engagement pictures. We like you so far and want to like you more!

    Love, lmc and FI



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    I just booked our limo for your bachelorette party!!!!!!! Now we have transportation to move our drunken butts around ATL woo hoo!!! CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @cu97tiger - I feel ya, sister.  I had to fill out the paperwork, beg for a spot on the board's meeting agenda that wasn't a month+ away and will have to show up at the board's meeting to plead my case.  I'm going to bring a video of my crazy huge dog bounding away from us as "proof" why a fence is neccessary.  His cuteness will wear them down.  :)
    [Deleted User]cu97tiger
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    Dear NEY,

    I've missed you all, even after not being active for just 2 days. Happy to be back!

    Your favorite poster with "Hummingbird" in her username


    Dear FI,

    I missed you while I was gone, but I kinda love FaceTime-ing with you. Maybe we should just go to separate rooms and do that more often?


    Your always-seems-to-be-traveling lately, FI


    Dear Boss,

    You kinda suck. I really wanted to work from home today and you should have just said "No problem!" I could have done all this shit from home anyways. Now I don't get to go into the city to try on dresses after work :-(

    No love,
    -Your favorite employee


    There's a chance I may beg you all to take me dress shopping for the FINAL time in a week and a half. Even though I'm going with my mom this weekend, I REFUSE to buy something the first time I like it. So, if I find something I want, we may have to go find it near @Swazzle or in the city so I can be sure, and finally make the purchase. 

    Don't hate me!!! I'll bring brownies.

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    Dear Caterer,

    I LOVE YOU. And all of your delicious food choices. I cannot WAIT to eat all of the things. As long as I don't have a mental breakdown because of your bill, we'll be okay.

    Your hungry bride



    But if you still want to bring a keg to keep under your table, to help keep costs down, I won't discourage  you.

    your bestie, who is only thinking of you when it comes to the bar.


    Dear FI,

    You are seriously the best. I honestly don't know what I'd do without you. 

    ALLLLLL the loves,


    Dear parents & FILS,

    I know you guys will like each other, but I'm still nervous about this weekend because you guys are SO. VERY. DIFFERENT. 

    I feel like this should be filmed.


    Mouth kisses, nipples, pickle dip, and AAALLL the Snooser snuggles in 10 days. 

    NJ isn't going to know what hit it


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  • Dear NEY gals,

    How the fuck do you all know each other IRL?

    -Anonymity is why I like this place


    Dear Ben & Jerrys,

    I just about died when I saw that caramel core commercial. But then I got it, and it's WAY TOO MUCH caramel. Never thought I'd say something like that. But it's true. Chill out, and add more ice cream.

    - Mo caramel, mo problems


    Dear @CocoBellaF,

    What happened with Insanity?


    Dear friends with the baby,

    He's really not that cute. In fact, he kind of reminds me of Sloth from The Goonies. Had to get that out somewhere.

    - Only posting this because it's anonymous

  • @EisleyJoGo - I think Insanity has been what is causing my migraines.  I've been looking back at my migraine journal and the migraines increase in intensity and frequency whenever I get back into doing Insanity every day... and they go down or almost go away when I take a break from it.  I have an appointment with my neurologist next week to go over it.  I'm going to go ahead and scale back to 30-40 minutes of moderate-ish exercise 6 days a week, instead of 50-90 minutes of high intensity exercise a week, and see if it helps.  I have other symptoms of overtraining, too, but it's really the migraines and insomnia that I want to fix.  I can never sleep more than 60-80 minutes at a time during the night without waking up and feeling overstimulated, have to walk around the house before I can go back to sleep.  I only have trouble with that when I'm doing the Insanity as well.
  • also, I have met one NEY-er IRL.  I am not located anywhere near the majority of the posters in here.  wah.
  • @CocoBellaF - Well, that's insanely legit. I just thought I'd ask, in case someone I knew expressed interest. Wanted to make sure it didn't chafe your vajayjay too bad or something. Hope you find something better! I found an aerobic yoga/pilates video on netflix once that I really loved doing. Not too intense, but it made my whole body feel great. . . Now I just run :( No time for fun workouts.
  • also, I have met one NEY-er IRL.  I am not located anywhere near the majority of the posters in here.  wah.
    I have met a few IRL and I miss all their faces!!! I wouldn't be mad if we could try that all over again! 
    friends tv show funy
  • KeptInStitchesKeptInStitches the Northern Plains member
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    I have not met any NEY-ers IRL. I'm at least 5 hours from the nearest posters I know of ... wah as well. @cocobellaf, I invite you for virtual pity party at living nowhere near anyone else.
    Dear rush-ordered overnighted early AM glass jars I need to finish projects,
    Why you not here today?
    Lab rat
    Dear adviser,
    Do I need another credit of seminar or not? Also, do I need 4 more dissertation credits (I'm thinking yes)? And how are we doing continuing enrollment - more actual classes or not? We need to make time for a meeting.
    Dear FI,
    Time to put the house together. Can't take more of this. Losing mind.
    Dear bed,
    Now I would like to wake up not in pain anymore please ok thanks.
    Stiff back
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    Dear Nova Scotia,

    GONNA BE IN YOU SOON. *exciting adventure music plays* Please be spectacular.
    Dear Nova Scotia mosquitoes,

    I don't like you. I know you like me, but I don't like you. I used to live in the wetlands where the mosquitoes were the size of small dogs. I may be rusty after living in the city for almost ten years, but make no mistake: I will destroy you.
    Dear body,

    Please please please please please stop being so terrible, thanks.
    Dear cells,

    I'mma check on you in a few minutes. If you could be ready for my experiment today, I would be SO HAPPY. Otherwise, tomorrow and Friday are going to be pretty terrible days, just saying.
    now with ~* INCREASED SASSINESS *~
    [Deleted User]
  • @cocobellaf - I am wondering if it's not Insanity specifically, but dehydration that is causing the migraines. If I get too dehydrated (could be kickboxing, could be running, could be Insanity), I can develop a nasty migraine that takes hours to go away.
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    Still here and still fabulous!

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  • caseface5 said:
    also, I have met one NEY-er IRL.  I am not located anywhere near the majority of the posters in here.  wah.
    I have met a few IRL and I miss all their faces!!! I wouldn't be mad if we could try that all over again! 

    Dear NEY,

    I feel like I sound so freakin lame on here, haha. Really I become friends with just about everyone I meet, but you all that have met have a friendly advantage. But most of you are east coast-ish, and I'm all west coast, so IRL probably won't happen. I mostly just wish I had a face to put with people. I'm liking the wedding posts, because I finally get an idea of your ages/styles/faces.

    Anyhoo, after all that I just want to say thanks for the conversations, even if I'll never meet any of you.

    - West coast is the best coast :P

  • @EisleyJoGo I swear the last "big" NEY meetup was in like...Phoenix.  BUT we're totally having some FL meet ups this year because I say so and I still haven't met these awesome people.
    I guess, to tell you the truth, I've never had much of a desire to grow facial hair. I think I've managed to play quarterback just fine without a mustache. - Peyton
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