Restaurants in Chicago or the surrounding Suburbs that do Affordable Receptions

Hello Everyone,

I have been engaged 4 months as of tomorrow (YAY!!!) and me and my fiance have spent the last 3 weeks looking at venue options for our wedding ceremony and reception. We have set a date of 10/11/15 and we are not wanting to spend alot of money. We are trying to keep our wedding budget under $10K for approx. 100 guests. I believe it is definitely doable but some of the venue prices are excessive. We found a place but it would eat at 70% of a 10K budget.....geeezzz!!! Which would mean upping our budget past the $10K to do the remaining necessities like dress, rings, photographer, DJ. However, before we make any final decisions, we are looking into options of doing the wedding ceremony somewhere that would cost us under $1000 and do a reception at a restaurant. I have read online that doing the reception at a restaurant has worked for many on a budget.

We live in the city of Chicago and I am wondering if any of you lovely brides know of any restaurants in the city, or even in the surrounding suburbs, that do receptions at reasonable prices. Also, the number of guests could go down under 100. Most of my family live out of state and may not be able to make the wedding.

I appreciate all your help.


Re: Restaurants in Chicago or the surrounding Suburbs that do Affordable Receptions

  • There are several threads that address this question.

    My son and his wife held their reception at Quartino's on State.  They wanted a guest list of no more than 100, and this was one of the most affordable but excellent options.  The food was plentiful and delicious.  They opted for a tapas, family style menu and it was incredible!  The staff was also very accommodating.

    Here are links to other threads....
  • Read my answer in etiquette for you :)
  • MobKaz - thank you so much for the suggestion of Quartino's on state. I will check them out. Also I will look at the other threads to gain more info.
  • Hi indianalum, I appreciate you responding even though I was on the wrong board lol! And I think my part about the $1000 was worded incorrectly and brought confusion. Definitely apologize for that. But I don't want to spend over $1000 for the ceremony portion, and stay at a budget of $9000 for remaining costs. Reception photo dress rings etc. I believe it's doable if find the right venue. Your suggestions were helpful, gave me more ideas. I will definitely look into them
  • I have heard Mrs. Murphys Irish Bistro is very a very affordable wedding reception restaurant option.

    Good luck!
  • Mrs. Murphy's fits your budget depending on your food choices, and it's way more beautiful than any banquet hall type wedding. Jaime (their coordinator) can work with your budget and really acts like a day-off coordinator...I mean from setting up my votives and all the tables and chairs the exact way we discussed, getting my cake wrapped up for the next day pickup (including packing up all my decor and candy buffet!), etc.
  • Ditto what Holly said. However, Jaime is no longer their coordinator, the new coordinator started a week or so before my May wedding. She did a fabulous job and we loved having our wedding there.
  • Oh I didn't know! She married one of the sons of "Mrs. Murphy and Sons", hope all is well with them. Regardless it's still awesome there! Another note is their kitchen for the upstairs is separate from the kitchen for the dining downstairs - so no worrying that stuff was prepped and frozen earlier, or your guests' meals are competing with diners downstairs. My friends still talk about how delicious the food was.
  • I'm going to chime back in because I recently attended a really fabulous wedding at Rosewood in Rosemont (right by O'Hare). I scoped their website prior to going there and it looks like they have a wide variety of private dining available. I didn't see any menus for private dining posted publicly, but the food was super awesome. Check that out.   

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