Bridal shower ideas/locations?

I know I'm not supposed to involve myself in the planning of my bridal shower, but no one else is in the area ... so I thought I'd help them come up with ideas.

Do any of you have any unique bridal shower locales (that are relatively inexpensive) in the Milwaukee area? It will be in October, so outdoors could be questionable. My mom's not in the area, and neither are any of the BM, so we can't use anyone's home.


Re: Bridal shower ideas/locations?

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    I had a similar situation in Madison.  I live here, but my hostess (Sister) did not.  She hosted the party at my house.  So she sent out invitations and took care of planning.  I just provided a clean house. 

    I've been to several bridal showers at restaurants in a private party room, unfortunately, I don't know of anything good in MKE. 

    Good luck!
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  • kathleenkmmkathleenkmm member
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    I'm going to a baby shower at the marina in a month, soI can let you know how that is if you have time to wait! I went to one at the Delafield Hotel that was gorgeous, but I'm thinking that was pricy. Have you looked at community centers or community rooms in the libraries near you? 
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  • gundy21gundy21 member
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    I hosted a baby shower at Bravo! at Bayshore in March.  They had a private room we used and no minimum.  We were able to order off the lunch/bunch menu (Saturday - started at 11) and it was under $12 pp and included non-alcoholic beverages.  The room, could fit about 25-30.  I have also been to a few baby showers at Watt's Tea Room that were lovely. 

    Probably the most unique baby shower I have been to recently was at BYO Studio (an art gallery) in Bayview on KK.  They let the hosts bring in food and they had to use their bar for the beverages.  http://www.byostudio.com/leasing Not sure what the rental fee was.

    All of the bridals showers I have been to of late (including mine) were at homes.
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    I've been to a couple of showers that were held in park pavilions.  They tend to be reasonable and you can bring in your own food/alcohol, etc.  Otherwise, I know my hubby stood up in a wedding at a country club in New Berlin (sorry, name is escaping me).  It was nice, and the groom's parents had it semi-catered.  I know it was off of Calhoun Rd.  Hope that helps?
  • wimeredithwimeredith member
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    Milwaukee Art Museum, The Safe House would be absolutely AWESOME! Their website is absolutely ridiculous, but I would LOVE to have anything there...lol
  • jfgreerjfgreer member
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    Hotel Metro is a great place for luncheons, I don't know their prices though.
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