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What is wrong with me?

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I admit, for about two months before the wedding I was getting almost no sleep (2-4 hours a night). My wedding was almost two weeks ago, and I have been sleeping for 9, 10, 11, and sometimes 12 hours. I almost always need 8 hours of sleep, and can't wake up until I get it. I know my body, so I go to bed at a reasonable hour. The night before last, I took a muscle relaxer, so that explains that. I, also, had a three day migraine, last week, and for some reason, I sleep heavily when I am feeling better. I, usually, sleep heavily during my period, if I have lost a lot of blood (endometriosis), but I am not due to get my period until this weekend. It is really upsetting me because I feel so lazy, and I am not like this, usually. This is really frustrating

Re: What is wrong with me?

  • This sounds out there but are you at all depressed? My sister was a bit let down after all of the excitement of her wedding and honeymoon and slept a lot over the next few weeks. She snapped out of it pretty quickly but I wonder if it's related.

    You could also just be worn out from too much excitement.

    Just a few thoughts!
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  • I know after I have been mentally and physically on the go for a long period of time, I crash. So, it could be that you were running on adrenaline and so pumped for everything going on and now your body is just taking it's time to rebuild and relax! 


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    I was really depressed after my grandfather left, but I seem to be doing much better, now.  I, usually, only get upset for a day and, then, the next day, I feel much better. I just feel so inexplicably tired. It could also be that I have not gone to the gym in almost two weeks.
  • Are you pregnant?
  • I don't think so. I have been vigilant with the napalming of my uterus (nuvaring)
  • I don't think so. I have been vigilant with the napalming of my uterus (nuvaring)
    Sorry I almost snorted soup out of my nose at this.

    I second what Jells said - when I go from constantly gogogo, thinkthinkthink, stuffstuffstuff to just... quiet... I could sleep for days.

  • I got married two weeks ago. I am not sleepy, per se, but I have been laying low a lot this week. Sleeping more than usual, being by myself more than usual (H has been out of town on business). I would not even come close to saying I am depressed or even sad about the wedding being over.

    I think I am just relishing being able to be alone and not be planning something :)
  • Maybe you caught a bug? Or your body is now playing catch up on all the sleep you missed.
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  • You might want to see your doctor.  There are mild sleep aids that could help.
    I sympathize.  I am currently being weaned off a steroid, and my sleep cycle is all messed up.  The quality of my sleep isn't good, either.  Weird dreams. 
    This could be a physical symptom, or just temporary after wedding nerves.  I usually internalize stress while it is happening, and then it comes out weeks later.  (Migraines.)  I think you need a big hug!
  • I was exhausted when I first moved here. I wanted to sleep 12 hours, it was just my body adjusting. Took a few weeks and now I'm sleeping like normal.

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