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Tulle tablecloth

Does anyone know how to make a diy tulle overlay/tablecloth  like the ones pictured. I will have a colored tablecloth underneath, and I just want white tulle covering the entire table over it. Any tutorials or ideas on what to do? I've been searching all over pinterest and the internet. All I keep finding is tulle skirts for the table which I do not want. Thanks!!

Re: Tulle tablecloth

  • You simply buy tulle fabric, 108" wide, and cut it to the length you need.
  • misshart00misshart00 Oklahoma member
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    What CMGragain said. You might adjust the corners while getting tables ready, but that's about it.
  • itslinnylouitslinnylou member
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    Is the 108 inches in width enough for the tables?
  • I'm using primarily 5ft rounds (about 20), 4ft rounds(2), and 6ft banquet tables (unsure how many). I guess I'm over thinking this. But if I'm using the tulle that is 108 inches in width how would that cover the tables besides cutting in in the length I want. Could someone please tell me how much for these 3 table sizes that I need and possible explain please. 

    Sorry, just misunderstanding the concept I suppose.
  • You say you will have colored table cloth underneath. Is there a company providing those? Just call them up and ask for the measurements of the cloth and replicate in tulle.

    Or, measure the tables. Five foot round=60 inch diameter circle. How high is the table (inches from the floor?) The diameter of the tulle needed would be 60 inches + inches from the ground + inches from the ground.
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    I have to say I love the tulle tablecloth idea!  So unique!
  • misshart00misshart00 Oklahoma member
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    For the 5 foot round tables, that's 60 inches across which will give you an extra 48 inches for drop. That's 2 feet on either side.
  • On the 5ft round tables, 108" will be about halfway to the floor and 120" will go to the floor.
  • wandajune6wandajune6 Chicago-ish member
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    @ohannabelle is right- you need lots of layers here.

    I'd also be careful that you don't leave them cascading too much. I see them getting caught on a high heel and taking everything else down with it.

    They are absolutely beautiful- it reminds me of a tulle wedding dress with a bustle!

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    I would strongly suggest you not do this cascading effect.  Sure, it looks pretty for the purposes of a a photoshoot, but having that much fabric dragging on the floor is a major tripping hazard for your servers and guests.

    Ditto @wandajune6 that your guests will likely get their heels/chairs caught in the tulle and trip or pull shit off of the tables.

    You can still pull off the look you want, but keep the longest layer of tulle at the length of a typical tablecloth and don't let it pool on the floor.

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  • Thanks everyone!! 

    Now I must ask your wedding colors are peach and pink. Should I do a light pink tablecloth with white tulle over it? Or what color combination?
  • Light pink with white sounds lovely. It looks like that's what they've done in the left hand picture. So pretty.
    (And PrettyGirlLost is 100% right about keeping it off the floor. Tulle is really slippery. I've almost wiped out on a forgotten scrap on the floor.)
  • Pink and white would be nice. In addition to not pooling on the floor, I would definitely recommend tacking the layers in a few places - just take a needle and white thread and put one little stitch through all the layers and tie a little bitty knot. Otherwise they'll all be slipping against each other. If you want the little bit of bunchiness like the picture on the right, that little stitch will be able to hold those in place as well.

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