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Hosted Bar Question

My FI is a Warrant Officer.  He's concerned about liability of hosting our guests with wine and beer at our reception - he's afraid that it could come back on him if somebody drove drunk and wrecked afterwards.  I checked with our venue as to our liability, and they stated that the liability is on them since they hold the liquor license, and their bartenders are required to stop serving anyone obviously inebriated.  My question is about the military aspect, as I have no idea.  Anybody have any experience they can offer?  TIA!

Re: Hosted Bar Question

  • I mean, it's any leader's responsibility in any situation to make sure that his/her subordinates are doing the right thing, but it would never even cross my mind to be concerned in this case. Just invite someone who outranks him. Lol. 2LTs can be useful after all. Score!
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