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Bridesmaid starting a family

Hey lovelies!

One of my bridesmaids is in the process of trying to start a family with her husband.  My wedding is in June of 2015.  I'm extremely excited for her - she loves children and will be such a fantastic mother.  She is extremely concerned about where she might be at the time of my wedding.  They may be still trying, she might be pregnant, or if they get pregnant quickly, she could be a new mother at that point! If she is uncomfortable being in the wedding, I understand - its a lot for a pregnant woman.  I would love to have her there no matter what!  The biggest concern she has is with the bridesmaid dress.  I am letting my ladies pick a style of their choice, just same color and length. However, her size could vary between the time we order dresses and the wedding.  I'm suggesting she pick a style that will grow with her potentially growing tummy :)  I'm sure some of you ladies have experienced similar things (and I'm sure there is a thread on here about this - just can't seem to find one).  How did you accommodate a pregnant bridesmaid? Did you wait till closer to the wedding to order dresses?

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