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My fiance and I are trying to figure out a date...a venue that we like has all of May, June 1, July 20 and August 31, 2013 open.  We are leaning towards the July or August dates however have some concerns.  First off, the ceremony will be outside, and the reception in a barn, is July going to be too risky for weather (too hot)??? Second, August 31st is Lador Day weekend, which I don't think we would lose a lot of our guests however I am a teacher and I start work that following week...decisions, descision...let me hear your thoughts :) 

Re: Let me HEAR what you think- Date

  • Aaahhhhhh not another barn wedding!!!!!!!!!!! Smile

    I would pick June 1. Just seems like a nice day to me.
  • I personally dislike the months of May & June because in theory, at this time of year or in the middle of winter, they seem like nice warm pretty months.  However, when they actually arrive, they are always wetter and colder than I remember and I have tried to plan many a camping trip and had the weather be in the 40s-50s and rainy.  I HATE the cold, so I probably feel a bit more strongly than most, but those have always seemed like months to avoid to me.  I personally like the July/August options better, but it's all about what works for YOU! 
  • I am not a fan of holiday weekend weddings.  We were invited to a Memorial Day weekend one this year, and even tho it was family (cousin) we did not attend since we have standing plans that weekend (and most other holiday weekends).
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  • Wisconsin is so unpredictable, it can be 80 or 60 on any of those dates. I would kinda lead towards June 1st if you have a lot of older guests, or have a backup cooling system plan so no one gets heat stroke. FBIL had his last August and that was the major complaint- it was way too hot!

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  • I might be slightly biased with June 1st since that is my birthday Tongue out However, as PPs have said, Wisconsin could be 80 degrees in June and 60 in August. Its the end of October and we had 50s and 60s at the beginning of the week, middle was 70s and ending the week in the 40s! From a BM POV, I'd pick the June because I've always been overly hot in the dresses I wore in the August weddings vs the late September/October weddings.

    Would you have a back up in case the temp is just too unbearable, hot or cold or raining? My BIL's brother just got married this past weekend, and the venue for their outdoor wedding had a chapel back up in case it was raining or too cold.
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    not sure where the location of everything is, but the 110th harley davidson anniversary is going on in milwaukee the weekend of august 31, 2013, and a lot of hotels are contracted out way ahead of time or expensive. if the reception is in a barn and not near the city, it probably won't be an issue, but just in case you were looking at something close to the metro area it could be something to consider for that weekend.
  • Wisconsin is so unpredictable that it could be in the 90s in June or the 70s in August or vice-versa.  I got married in the middle of August this year, and it was a beautiful 75 degree day for our outdoor wedding.  However, the previous week it had been in the 90s.  As a fellow teacher, I would recommend July 20.  If you get married during May or June 1, you will be busy finishing up the school year.  If you get married August 31, you will be preparing for the next school year.  I found it so much less stressful to get married and go on the honeymoon at a time when I wasn't in school.
  • I'm going to say June 1st because we're getting married on the 22nd of that month. I think June is a nice month and I'm looking forward to starting off the summer by getting married first. 
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