Sandy Point State Park & Cunningham Falls

Has anyone used -- or is anyone planning to use -- Sandy Point State Park (near Annapolis) or Cunningham Falls State Park (near Frederick) for their wedding and/or reception? If so, I'd love to hear people's thoughts, plans, etc. We're considering both venues.

Re: Sandy Point State Park & Cunningham Falls

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    I live close by CF and often hike there. The area is very beautiful. However there are three problems to consider:

    1. The shelters are in dark areas, almost in the woods. Some people have a problem with this, some don't. They are nowhere near the falls.
    2. The waterfall- if your guests want to see it, they have to hike to it. There is an easy walking trail to get to it, but don't expect to park you car somewhere and have immediate access. Also, Depending on rainfall, the waterfall can either look it's very best or not. This also affects how the main lake looks. There have been days I hiked where there wasn't a lot of rainfall... And the waterfall looks awful.
    3. There are venomous snakes (2 types). You won't see them during fall or spring, but they become more apparent during the summer when the months are hot and they are slithering down the mountain to cooler places (I.e. The water). I have seen copperheads/timber rattlers a couple times be in public areas, but the park rangers do an excellent job catching the snakes and relocating them out. Fortunately I have never heard of patrons being bitten by venomous snakes either. Just be very, very careful around there if you and your guests go venturing in the forest.

    Just remember that when you decide to do an outdoor wedding at a park, you will be dealing with nature.
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