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Are favor's a requirement?? I am not sure we will be doing them I just dont know if people will expect them. Does anyone know how this tradition got started?

Re: Favor question

  • Not required. If you don't want to waste time or money on them, skip them. No one will care that they didn't get a cookie or a personalized bottle opener. 

  • Most people won't even miss them.
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  • No, favors are not required from an etiquette standpoint. Like‌ PPs mentioned, a lot of people won't even notice or care if they do or do not get one.

    Favors originally came about centuries ago as a way for upper class party throwers to give their guests extravagant gifts. A way of showing off, I guess. It was also thought that the bride and groom were good luck, so everything they touched was lucky. Giving out favors was a way to spread that luck.

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  • Ditto PPs, favors are not required!  If you do opt for them, edible is usually best.
  • Like everyone said, not required.  If I can't eat/drink it pretty close to immediately, I leave it behind.  #diekooziesdie  My kitchen junk drawer is way too full.
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