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(Originally posted by @KnotPorscha in June 2013.)

Special thanks to Danieliza and Squirrly for putting this all together!

Welcome to the Knot Community!  You will find a lot of helpful and honest information here on the boards.  Please be sure to read through posts to get a feel for the board and the way people interact and to see if your question has recently been asked and answered.  Every board has a different personality, so be sure to check out not only this board but your Local Board and your wedding Month Board as well.

Please note, the board is slow to load posts sometimes so while it might seem like it's taking forever, please DO NOT click the Post button more than once.  Your post will load, you might just have to refresh to see it.


There are FAQs about how the Knot boards work here - http://wedding.theknot.com/wedding-tools-help-center/the-knot-about-us/articles/community-frequently-asked-questions.aspx

Here are other Frequently Asked Questions:


1. Do I have to invite kids?  It is okay to have an adults only wedding and reception.  To do this, simply address the invitation to the adults only.  Do NOT put “adults only” or “adult wedding” on your invitation.  Use the envelopes to address it properly and start letting people know in advance by word of mouth that kids will not be invited.  Be prepared for some people to complain to you, to ask you to make an exception, or to threaten not to come.  Decide how you will handle these issues because they will happen.  This is the chance you take. 


2.  Do I send an invitation if someone has already received a Save the Date and said they couldn’t make it?  Yes you should.  People’s plans do change and you want them to know that they are still invited.


3.  Do I have to invite co-workers?  Your wedding is a personal event, not a work event.  There is no obligation to invite co-workers or bosses to your wedding.   If you do choose to invite co-workers, send the invitation to their home and you must invite their significant other.


4.  Can I include my registry in my invitations?  It is considered rude and tacky to put registry info in your wedding invitations.  It is okay to include them in bridal shower invitations.


5. How can I let my guests know that I only want cash?  If you only want to receive cash gifts, don’t register.  When people ask where you are registered you can say “We didn’t register because we are saving up for XYZ”. 


6. I received a gift early, what do I do?  If you receive a gift before the shower or wedding, open it and send a thank you note right away.  Don’t use the gift until after the wedding.


7.  How do I invite people to the “dance” portion of the reception only?  The reception is ONE event.  People must be invited to the whole thing or not at all.  It is NOT okay to only invite some to come after dinner is finished.


8.  Can I just have people stand during my ceremony, it will be really short?  You must have chairs for every butt at the ceremony and the reception, no matter how short the ceremony will be.


9.  Who do I tip and how much?


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