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Lovin a Good Deal!

So, I just finished booking our honeymoon itinerary and we aren't going anywhere long distance but going to our local major city which is very special to us.  Toronto.
FI and I are - shall we say - cost effective :) read cheap but we don't mind spending the money if it's a good deal.

3 nights at a 5* hotel: 
$1035 - $950 travel rewards = $85

2 tickets to Medieval Times
$210 - $60 free upgrade = $150

3 course dinner at Royal York
$186 - $87 groupon = $99

4 course steakhouse dinner
$158 - $79 groupon = $79

Couples Shiatsu Massage
$120 - $62 = $58

We have a few things we want to do, but I'm pretty pumped that so far I've saved us $1238 :)
Pretty excited, possibly moreso than the actual wedding!
I can't wait to spend some time alone with him!

Re: Lovin a Good Deal!

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    Good for you. I love it when I get a good deal too. I just bought my wedding shoes from Amazon for half the price I saw from other places. 

    I want to go to Medieval Times. I haven't been there since I was a kid. Have fun!
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    I LOVE a good deal!

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    Good work!!!!!!

    FI & I have been saving our credit card travel reward points for a few years now and we were going to use it for our honeymoon, so every time we swiped we'd say "free honeymoon!". But my parents so nicely paid for the honeymoon as a gift, so now we're still saving it all for an anniversary trip to Europe next year :)



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    Thanks for this post. I need to start looking on voucher code sites and any sale that might be on as money is tight but I don't want the guests to know!!!!! 
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