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I have been searching for an OBX elopement package, something that is sort of "all inclusive" so I don't have to worry about anything. I am tentatively considering doing a trip with the family and just having a small family ceremony in the banks and then having the big reception back home. I am really just looking for a small ceremony on the beach, or somewhere else nice outdoors, where I don't have to worry about planning anything (kind of like the packages you get with Sandals resorts). If I do have the ceremony in NC we will just probably just rent a nice beach house and all vacation together (10 people max). I have looked at some companies mentioned on the OBX wedding association website and haven't really found anything I like, some I did see had packages at like $2000+ which just seems too much considering how small and quick I want it. I am wondering if anyone can suggest something like what I am looking for? Or at least give me some suggestions of people they have had a good experience with. I plan on going off-season, probably September or October, as my fiances busy season is during the summer.

On another note, I spent almost every year growing up renting a house in Duck with my family. I haven't been there in probably a good 12 years at least, I was wondering what it is like now? Has it been terribly developed? Is it very touristy now?

Re: OBX elopement packages

  • Hi- I got married in Sept. 2012 at the Sanderling with their elopement package. I gather though based on what you want to spend it would be out of your budget.

    There used to be Beach Ball Events in Manteo that was a one stop shop, but I can't find their website, or a listing on the OBWA page. Looks like their Facebook page was last updated in 2012. I'm not sure how small their packages started at though.

    With wanting to spend less than $2,000, I would suggest just going the beach rental and having a dinner back at the house, or something out at a restaurant. I've been going to Duck for the last 9 years, so I don't know what it was like 12+ years ago, but since I've been going it hasn't changed a lot. Most of the changes are happening down past Corolla.
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